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What are the best entertainment options on Carnival cruises?

Are you planning to cruise on Carnival Cruises? Know the top 5 entertainment options they offer to have the best time onboard.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Carnival cruise ships are popular among cruisers for throwing the best parties onboard. It has a unique way of entertaining people onboard throughout the day. From themed clubs to entertaining events, such cruise ships ensure complete engagement of the cruisers.

What are the best entertainment options on Carnival cruises?

This article discusses five entertainment options that put Carnival Cruises above the rest of the cruise lines in terms of entertainment.

5 Unique entertainment options on the Carnival Cruise

Below are all-inclusive entertainment options you get while booking:

1. Family Feud live

Family Feud has entertained people for generations. Carnival Cruises now offer live Family Feud shows. You can participate with your family as contestants or simply witness these as the audience.

Carnival Cruises hosts Family Feud through four exciting games. There is also a segment in the game where kids can participate. All you need to do is set up a team of five and audition yourself, where all cruisers will be the judge.

2. Punchliner Comedy Club

With Carnival’s Punchliner Comedy Club, every evening will be filled with laughter. The comedians on board are adept at what they do to make you laugh, and you won’t regret choosing this entertainment option.

The performances are spontaneous; hence, the Carnival cruise gives you two options. You can choose the family-friendly comedy performances or the adult-only ones. The number of shows depends upon the length of the cruise trip. A five-night-long cruise can have ten shows in total.

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3. Dive-in movies

Another unique entertainment option on Carnival cruises is the dive-in movies. Movies are always a good entertainment option to kill time and enjoy. You get to see movies on the Carnival cruise while enjoying the view of nature.

The Carnival seaside theater offers you entertainment that you cannot miss. It has a giant big screen, and you can watch some of the latest blockbusters in the open air on lounge chairs. Additionally, you can enjoy pool activities while watching movies on the big screen, a feature that makes Carnival Cruise one of the most entertaining cruise lines.

4. Live music

Carnival cruises are ideal for music lovers, as these offer music of different genres per the passengers' tastes. They have various pubs and clubs that host various musical performances to keep you entertained throughout the day.

For instance, you can enjoy island rock at RedFrog Pub or participate in sing-alongs at the Piano Bar. Live performances and karaoke shows are also scheduled on this cruise ship. Carnival LIVE is the best experience for music lovers. Often, Carnival cruises extend their stay at a port for a concert night. You can book concert tickets while booking the cruise.

5. Nightclub

Cruisers often regard Carnival cruise ships as party ships for the energetic atmosphere they create through entertainment options. Moreover, they have some uniquely themed nightclubs with marvelous decor, which you will seldom find on other cruise lines.

Frankenstein’s “Lab on Carnival Miracle” is a unique nightclub you will experience on a cruise you don't get on a regular cruise. “One Small Step of Carnival Valor” is inspired by the moon and gives you an astronomical experience while enjoying the night. There are other similar options that you can consider when it comes to enjoying the nightlife on these cruises.

Final words

Besides the entertainment options mentioned above, water parks, sky rides, and advanced spas are available on Carnival cruises. Your entire cruise will be thoroughly entertaining if you indulge in any of these options and enjoy shore excursions. Carnival cruises do not just deliver you to your destination. They also give you a journey to cherish forever. 

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