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Best Time to Cruise to Europe

Cruise to Europe in these months to explore its beauty and charm.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Cruise to Europe is an ultimate hit amongst travelers. It gives tourists an opportunity to enjoy and explore the best of nature and cultural heritage and the best of modern era wonders and a chance to indulge in exotic cuisine. If you are planning to book a cruise to Europe but don't know when is the perfect time to book a cruise to Europe, here is all the information you would need.

The Best Time to Take a Cruise to Europe

The shoulder seasons of spring and fall are practically the best time to cruise Europe in April - June or September - October via cruise holiday. This is if you wish to enjoy smaller crowds, decent weather, and reasonable prices. However, if you are looking to enjoy cruise holidays with kids during their summer holidays, you will need to travel during the peak summer season. Owing to the rush, you will find plenty of cruise options as more ships sail during this time to cater to the demand. You will, therefore, need to book early so you can look forward to booking a cabin and activities of your choice. You will, of course, need to shell out peak season rates. By booking early, at least a year in advance, you can look forward to getting some discounts and freebies from the cruise lines.

Your selection of the best time to cruise to Europe also depends on which region you wish to visit in Europe. Here is a brief discussion on the best time to cruise to various regions in Europe.

Mediterranean Cruises

Barcelona, Rome, France, Italy, and the picture-perfect sites in Greece, Mykonos, and Santorini all await you when you choose to book a Mediterranean cruise. No wonder, Mediterranean cruises are popular across the world so there is a heavy rush in summers. Here again, the tip is to avoid the peak summer rush if possible. Increased demand means high prices for airlines and cruises. You could also expect peak visitation levels at museums, amusement parks, and other major sites marked in your offshore excursions so the experience will be affected. The ideal time to enjoy Mediterranean cruises is, therefore, spring and fall. During spring also it is best to avoid the Easter holidays as many schools and colleges in Europe give a long break at this time so you could expect a heavy rush at this point too.

British Isle Cruises

If you wish to get up close and personal with the British charm and enjoy the green countryside, castles, and various natural attractions, the summer season is ideal from the point of view of the weather. During spring and fall, you can avoid the rush but the unpredictable maritime climate can play spoilsport.

Northern Europe and Baltic Sea Cruises

Vast forests, impressive palaces, urban roller coasters all await you on your cruise to the Baltic Sea. For this cruise vacation, the summer season is the most recommended time. However, if you are keen on witnessing the magical northern lights phenomenon, the dark cloudless nights in winter would be ideal.

River Cruises in Europe

Important rivers such as Danube, Rhone, and the Rhine are popular for their scenic cruising experience. Spring and fall seasons are perfect for river cruises. In April, you can witness the glory of blooming Dutch tulips while in September you get a chance to enjoy the charm of Monet's garden. November and December is also a great time if you wish to enjoy Christmas markets in Eastern Europe, Germany, and Austria.


Depending on your personal preference you can book a cruise to Europe in summer, spring, fall, or even in the winters. Europe cruise vacation promises an unmatched, magical experience that you and your family will cherish forever.

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