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Ocean, Beach, Hawaii
Ocean, Beach, Hawaii

Best Time to Cruise to Hawaii

Check it out this useful information about the perfect time to cruise to Hawaii.

By Cruise Booking Team

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The paradise on earth, Hawaii is every traveler's dream destination. Whether you are an adventurer or nature lover or simply looking for a quiet time close to nature, Hawaii is the ultimate destination to be. If the sugary beaches and coral reefs of Hawaii are beckoning you, feel lucky and book a cruise to Hawaii.

While any time is good to be in Hawaii as the archipelagic state of America remains beautiful any time of the year, however, there are certain popular "cruising seasons" each having its advantages and disadvantages. Choose the best time to cruise to Hawaii based on your budget, desired activities, and weather preferences, and make your reservations accordingly.

The Best Time to Take a Cruise to Hawaii

Peak Season

The best time to cruise Hawaii is mid-December to March. At this time weather is not comfortable in other parts of the world and thus people find a great excuse to be in Hawaii and enjoy a very comfortable climate. The two weeks around Christmas are the busiest time of the year in Hawaii. If whale-watching fascinates you, late winter to early spring is time to be in Hawaii as the gentle giants love to frolic in the Pacific during these times.

The second high season in Hawaii is during the summer months when the kids have school holidays. This is called the family season as there are more people with children on a cruise.

During the two peak seasons for cruise travel to Hawaii, you'll find plenty of cruise options, so there will always be one that meets your specific demand.

On the downside, traveling in peak season tends to be more expensive. Prices are high and you can also find difficulty in booking flight tickets and hotels in case you want to extend your trip. Also, if you are looking for a quieter time, traveling during the peak seasons may not be that exciting for you as the island ports tend to be crowded during the peak season, especially during the Christmas holidays.

Low or Shoulder Season

September through mid-December and mid-April through mid-June is the off-season or shoulder season for Hawaiian cruises. If you are looking for an affordable Hawaiian cruise vacation, shoulder season is a wonderful time to sail to Hawaii. Everything from airfares to hotel accommodations and excursions to cruises is more affordable. And, as the crowds are thin, you can enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the islands in peace. Weather is also conducive during this time so you can explore the paradise at your leisure.

However, since the crowds are less, the cruise options are also limited. You'll need to pick a cruise from a smaller selection and have restricted options to choose between sailing dates. Shore excursions are also much, and in between late August and September, there are chances of hurricanes striking the Pacific island. The hurricane season means more humid and hotter weather in Hawaii islands.


The best time to book a cruise to Hawaii depends on several factors depending on your personal preferences. There are plenty of things to do in Hawaii while on a cruise. If you wish to travel on a budget yet experience pleasant weather, shoulder season is definitely the best time to book a cruise to Hawaii. However, if you are looking to enjoy the Christmas holidays with friends or family or want your kids to have a memorable family vacation during holidays, go ahead and book your cruise to Hawaii during its high season.

Header Image by Loisneate at Pixabay

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