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The Best 10 Things to Do in Anchorage, Alaska

Here is the list of 10 amazing things to do in Anchorage, Alaska.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Anchorage offers you the best of Alaska experience. You get to see the most scenic locales, enjoy most fantastic outdoor activities and a host of family-friendly attractions. Here we discuss the 10 most fantastic things you ought to have in your Anchorage itinerary.

Top 10 Things To Do in Anchorage, Alaska

1. Learn about the Native Culture of Alaska

It is fascinating to learn about the rich Alaskan culture and the indigenous people that once inhabited it. The Alaska Native Heritage Center in Anchorage has carefully preserved the heritage of the native tribes. There are three marked areas that offer you a detailed expression of the lives of the indigenous tribes — a gallery displaying the artifacts, a performance hall that regularly hosts dance shows and storytelling sessions, and a group of traditional dwellings that give you a glimpse of the native Alaskan's lifestyle.

2. Visit the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum

Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum, situated on the banks of Lake Hood, is a marvelous place to visit. The museum highlights the significant role that the aviation sector played in Alaska's development. The state had landing strips before it had a proper network of roads and railways. The on-site exhibition offers a glimpse of Alaska's aviation history. You can see rusting planes, fuselages of earlier times, plenty of photographs chronicling the aviation history and a hall of fame to highlight the achievements of elite aviators.

3. Spot a Moose

There are around 1500 moose in Anchorage. People in Anchorage love the antlered animals and so you will find one living in and around the city. You can spot them in backyards, parks, and even in downtown. The green spaces, few miles from the Anchorage is also a favorite haunt for these iconic animals. If you still not find one, visit the Alaska Zoo or the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Centre. You can get a perfect selfie with the moose here.

4. Acquaint yourself with Wildlife

If you wish to see more of the wildlife, don't miss the opportunity to visit the Alaska Zoo when in Anchorage. Spread in 25 acres of land, the Anchorage Zoo is located on the Anchorage Hillside and is a popular tourist attraction. You will find over 100 birds and animals including moose, Dall sheep, black and brown bear, eagles and fox. The zoo also looks after injured and abandoned wildlife. You also get a free shuttle from downtown to reach the zoo, so you get easy access to it.

5. Visit National Parks

There are 223 parks in Anchorage which show how green the city is. The biggest and the most popular is the Kincaid Park. Spread in 1,400 acres overlooking Cook Inlet, Kincaid Park is home to moose, porcupines, and fox beside various other animals. To the excitement for adventure seekers, there are biking, hiking, and cross-country ski trails. The park is well-maintained and easy to access by car. You can also cycle your way to the park using the very scenic 11-mile Tony Knowles Coastal Trail. Other popular parks include the Peratrovich Park, Delaney Park Strip, and the Town Square Park. Music, events, and festivals are regularly organized to keep visitors entertained.

6. Gaze the Northern Lights

If you are keen on observing the phenomenon of northern lights, also known as the aurora borealis, you will love to visit Anchorage. The bright starry nights here provide a perfect backdrop to view the vibrant yellow-green or the red, blue and purples that the auroras can produce. The shimmering lights of aurora can be spotted in fall, winter, or spring and not in summers. It is spotted in cloudless and moonless skies. It is usually spotted near midnight but can also be observed at 8 pm! No one really knows when the aurora will be out. If you are keen on watching this natural phenomenon, spend a few days in Anchorage. Take the help of an expert to check out the prime locales to watch the dazzle.

7. Shop till You Drop at the Saturday Market

Saturday market, which now also opens on Sunday owing to its massive popularity, is a go-to place if you want to shop for local produce. There are more than 300 vendors selling clothes, craft items, daily knick knacks, and stylish accessories. If you want to buy souvenirs you will love the stuff available at the Saturday Market. Beautiful Russian dolls, Native American knick-knacks, colorful Fabergé eggs are some of the highest selling stuff. If you have grown up kids, they will love visiting the kids market area that sells stuff especially suited for the 8-16 year-olds.

Saturday Market is also a great place to savor local cuisine. There are numerous stalls selling the choicest delicacies popular in Anchorage such as smoked salmon, lip-smacking Polynesian and Caribbean curries, and many types of snacks prepared from local stuff.

8. Take a Train Ride

Riding on a train in Anchorage offers a fantastic experience. You get the most scenic views and the most amazing riding experience. The railways here offer special events train also. So you can ride a Kid's Halloween train, an Easter Train, Fur Rondy express and more such train each promising a special experience and loads of fun.

9. Enjoy Skiing in the Hilltop Ski Area

The Hilltop Ski Area is one of the most popular ski destinations in Anchorage. The site is suitable for beginners and also has a small terrain park for those who need a higher dose of adventure. The resort is located over the Chugach range foothills and you can reach the spot in just 15 minutes if you are driving from Anchorage downtown.

10. Indulge in Local Breweries

Anchorage has several breweries and many of them also offers tour on certain days. You can enjoy a brewery tour when in Anchorage. You can sip on suds of all styles. Many of them also provide outdoor seating and let you relax in the scenic backdrop of mountains. The liquor laws are strict in the area. You need to let someone else drive after your tour.

Anchorage promises the most exhilarating and unforgettable experience. Even after spending days in Anchorage, you will feel you have not seen it all. Hence, keep time in hand when planning a tour to Anchorage so you get plenty of opportunities to soak in the unmatched natural beauty and the Metropolitan luxuries that Anchorage has on offer.

Frequently Asked Questions about Anchorage, Alaska

Some of the things that you should not miss in Anchorage are Alaska Railroad, Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, Portage Glacier, McKinley Explorer, Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, and much more.

Anchorage Museum is the state’s largest museum and the best to visit if you’re in town.

The most visited free attractions in the Anchorage are Anchorage museum, Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, Earthquake Park, Alaska Public Lands, Alaska Native Heritage Centre, Glen Apls/Flattop Trialhead, Kincaid Park, Campbell Creek Science center, Alaska Law Enforcement Museum, Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, Winner Creek Gorge Trail Head, and Byron Glacier Trail.

The top activities in Anchorage are Finding Moose, see and hear glaciers, learn about Alaska native cultures, ride the rails, pedal the coastal trail, dive into Alaska’s largest museum, go flightseeing, enjoy nearby parkland, fish ship creek, see whales, strike it rich, bear viewing near Anchorage, view the Northern Lights, Try Dog sledding, enjoy the midnight sun, Alaska art and shopping, ride the Alaska Tramway, taste Alaska, visit national parks, and watch the bore tide.

The most fun things people do in the Anchorage are visiting the Alaska wildlife conservation center, embrace the outdoors at Kincaid Park, go sleuthing on a scavenger hunt, explore the Kenai Fjords National Park, Hike the trails in Chugach State Park, discover the Alaska Native Heritage Center, take a trolley bus tour, walk the flattop Mountain trail, go hiking on glaciers, wander up to Virgin Creek Falls, a wildlife tour, aerial tram, cruise up to Portage glacier, explore glaciers on helicopter, explore the Turnagain Arm and many more things.

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