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Top Cruise Ports To Visit in the Eastern Caribbean

The best cruise ports in the Eastern Caribbean offer stunning beaches, vibrant cultures, and exciting activities. Here’s what various ports in the Eastern Caribbean!

By Cruise Booking Team

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Eastern Caribbean is a unique blend of melding cultures and tropical waters. Cruisers have the option to relax by the beach and bask in the sun with several enthralling adventurous activities. There are so many of the best cruise ports in Eastern Caribbean, which will make your cruise journey memorable.

5 Best Cruise Ports To Explore in the Eastern Caribbean

1. Nassau, Bahamas

On your cruise trip to the Bahamas, you must definitely visit the Nassau. You will get to know about the culture and history of the Bahamas. Another monumental spot is the Queens Staircase is a 66-step carved out of limestone rock by the slaves in 1793. Explore the sordid yet interesting pirate past of the Eastern Caribbean at the Pirate of Nassau Museum. You cannot miss picking souvenir and shopping along the way at the Straw Market.

Purchase Bahamian articles like straw hats, straw baskets, carved wood miniature animals and sculptures. Also explore some of the beautiful beaches in Nassau such as Cabbage Beach, Cable Beach, and Junkanoo Beach. This is one of the best Caribbean cruise destinations, making your holiday memorable.

2. San Juan, Puerto Rico

The colorful streets of Old San Juan with a palate of pastel yellows, blues and pinks give you a picture-perfect background. These colors add to the aesthetic of the city’s colonial architecture. Go rum tasting at the Casa Bacardi Rum Factory where they take pride in their sugarcane formula. Visit Castillo San Cristóbal to view Old San Juan from the top. Enjoy the hillside sunset from the top and see the sky change colors from orange and red to purple.

3. Tortola, British Virgin Islands

The first thing you hear about Tortola when on an Eastern Caribbean cruise ship is its baths. The baths in Virgin Gorda are natural marvels that are formed by granite boulders with 40 feet diameter. Marvel at the intricate maze of narrow passages. Explore the sun-lit caves and coves. Visit the lively harbor of Pusser’s Landing and witness the bright-colored houses. Sit by the settling sea-views or shop at the boutiques and souvenir shops.

4. St. Maarten

St. Maarten is an all-day fun destination to visit with your family or in a group. It has the world’s only eco-park named Rainforest Adventures in Rockland Estate. Exciting rides with designed tracks are available at the park for the tourists to enjoy the natural Dutch beauty. Serenity Hill is a ride and a Zip line course which passes through a lush canopy. Sky Explorer is another fascinating ride that tourists must not miss.

5. St. Thomas

St. Thomas is an awesome place as it offers amazing activities to do on your cruise holidays. Go for the Tree Lining Extreme Zip line for stunning views across the Caribbean Sea. It consists of a total of 8 cables and 2 rope bridges. Magic Ice Gallery is another tourist attraction. It is a magnificent gallery of ice sculptures displayed with changing light colors. Pirates history of the Caribbean is often talked about. Visit the Pirates Treasure Shipwreck Museum to explore more.

The peak season to go on a cruise to the Eastern Caribbean is between December and April. Americans who wish to flee from chilling winters usually head out to this region.

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