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Delve Into Copenhagen Culture When on a Cruise

Entering this Scandinavian port is the best travel decision you must have made. Here’s why!

By Cruise Booking Team

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With the history that traces back to the Victorian era, Copenhagen is not only the capital of Denmark but a significant historical destination. As you enter the port, the colorful buildings fascinate your eyes and the iconic bronze statue of the lady welcomes you to the city waiting to be explored.

5 Amazing Things To Do in Copenhagen While On a Cruise

1. Little Mermaid Statue

The coy statue dates back to 1913, inspired by Hans Christian’s fairytale and sculpted by Edvard Eriksen. The Little Mermaid has survived decapitation and vandalism and has been rebuilt and painted time and again. The four-foot statue stands tall remarking Denmark’s heritage.

2. Stroll in the Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens are the perfect amalgamation of amusement, culture and heritage, and nature. Located in the heart of the city, the garden will give you an all-inclusive, unforgettable experience. The fact that this Garden was Walt Disney’s inspiration to build the Disney Empire is noteworthy. The landscape is painted with more than 40,000 colorful flowers and just as many lights in the evening. Amusement rides, live music, over 40 restaurants and fireworks on Saturday nights livens the atmosphere of the entire city.

3. Explore the National Gallery of Denmark

National Gallery of Denmark is the epicenter of the art and heritage of the Victorian heritage in the country. The gallery is filled with anthropological artifacts containing art from eight centuries. Be a spectator to antiques such as the Viking stones and helmets, the 3500-year-old Sun Chariot and the 3000-year-old Lur horns.

4. Our Saviour’s Church

Urban Legend says that the architect of the church jumped off the steeple when he found out that the winding staircase didn’t curve the right way. It’s a bonus if you are looking for some physical activity! Climbing the 400-step spiral winding towards the church does for a morning workout. Do not miss the ancient carved organ case on the visit.

5. Visit Carlsberg

The famous Danish beer is praised worldwide. Through Carlsberg, Denmark pays homage to its famous beer. The grandeur of the place is inexplicable! With the sculpture garden and horses in harness, Carlsberg showcases world’s largest collection of unopened beer bottles from different countries. You can have a taste of the beers from all around the world as the beer samplings are provided. Enjoy lunch with a beer at the popular Brew House!

The cultural richness along with the festivities of the amusement park ought to draw a traveler across to globe to this magnificent destination. The castles and the royalty add up to the European legacy. Besides, the fact that the royal family still resides in the castles is quite intriguing.

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