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Best Things to Do in Hilo, Hawaii While on a Cruise

Here is the list of 5 awesome things to do in Hilo while on a cruise.

By Cruise Booking Team

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You daydream about the soft white sand under your feet, the sun caressing your body, the sea approaching your feet and the clear blue sky stretched above your head as your cruise nears the shore of Hawaii.

Hilo is a small town with ample tourist attractions. It can be considered as the reservoir of Hawaiian culture with its unique museums and gardens. There are many best things to do in Hilo, Hawaii… from where to explore incredible museums to gorgeous waterfalls and beyond!

Top 5 Best Things To Do in Hilo, Hawaii, While On a Cruise

1. Kayaking & Waterfall Adventure

This adventure must be the first and foremost on your bucket list! Kayaking along the Hilo Bay shoreline in crystal clear blue water has to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The kayak commences at the black sand beach. As you paddle under the Singing Bridge, your travel guide gives information about the local demographics. At the end, you arrive at the magnificent panorama of a gushing waterfall in front of you.

2. Pacific Tsunami Museum Tour

Pacific Tsunami Museum is the representative of the historic tragedy of this jubilant place. The authorities made a museum out of an old bank building that survived the tsunamis in 1946 and 1960. The museum has a wave machine which lets the tourists experience the intensity of water during the tsunami. A 23-minute documentary is shown which is about survivors narrating their tragic stories and the massive damage caused. Amusingly enough, the volunteers at the museum are tsunami survivors.

3. Helicopter Circling the Fire

Lava is something you must have only seen in movies but never in person. You will get to visit this geological site in Hilo. Hop in on a helicopter and you will be taken on a ride circling the volcanic lava. You will have an eye-pleasing bird view of the vegetation below. But mostly, when your helicopter hovers over the volcano, you know that is the only time you will come this close to a volcano safely.

4. Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden Tour

The garden is an apt sight for the gardening enthusiasts or even for those who are curious about beachside vegetation. Garden area is a full package of nature including the tropical rainforest, streams and tributaries, waterfalls and 2500 species of tropical plants. Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden is the world’s only seaside botanical garden. You can take a 90-minute self-guided tour in the garden as per your whim.

5. East Hawaii Cultural Center

This is where the Hawaiian culture comes to the forefront of tourism. The center is set up in a former police station. The center showcases a rotating collection of art pieces from different painters and art shows. One of the fascinating exhibits is the Trash Art Show held in October that displays artworks made of recycled trash. This place is a sure-short go-to for an art lover.

Pack your suitcases and visit this mind-blowing destination. Hilo’s blend of serenity, art, and culture will leave you in awe! There are plenty of things to do in Hilo that will make your trip memorable. 

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