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Top 5 Amazing Things You Must do in Malaga During a Cruise

Make your cruise trip to Malaga enjoyable and memorable by indulging yourself in these five superb things.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Malaga is the sunny city of Spain founded about 2,800 years ago. Historical residue of variants of rulers from different dynasties from different eras makes Malaga’s heritage immensely rich. The multilayered city has a diverse culture to offer as the Phoenicians, the Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans and the Moorish hoisted their flags at some point or the other in Malaga. If you are a cruiser who is looking to delve into the depths of historical heritage, Malaga is the port for you!

Out of the plentiful historical landmarks, these are a few you must not miss.

5 Incredible Things to do in Malaga On a Cruise

1. Roman Theatre

Roman theatre is the best ancient monument in the city. Romans are known for their drama and theatre. This theatre was functional for about 200 years until the Moorish period when they started to use it as a quarry. The structure of the theatre was discovered as late as 1951. Considering every era, it has been through, its architecture is more or less intact even today. Several tiers of seating circling the theatre remain undamaged. They have recently started showcasing the ancient findings such as amphorae to the tourists.

2. Malaga Cathedral

The town cathedral took over 150 years to build. It is the perfect blend of the renaissance and baroque styles. The carvings and the structure have been designed meticulously to depict the culture of Malaga. The cathedral’s north tower is 84 meters tall. South tower was supposed to be built but they decided to provide funds to America to help it gain independence from the British.

3. Automobile and Fashion Museum

Visit the automobile and fashion museum and appreciate finer things. You will get a chance to admire vintage vehicles and dresses. There is a display of 100 classic cars including Maseratis, Cadillacs, Aston Martins and Bugattis for the blokes. The foppish dandies can enjoy the haute-couture collections from Dolce Vita era in the 50s.

4. Picasso’s Malaga

Malaga is the native to the post-impressionist painter – Pablo Picasso. Pay a tribute to the iconic painter by visiting his birth place, Casa Natal. You will see the house his parents rented in the early 1880s. The display of his artworks and a few artefacts from his youth are bound to fascinate you. His encaptivating art will draw you to the Picasso Museum which is only a couple of minutes away.

5. Parque De Malaga

You will be surprised to experience the coolness of the park despite the sunny weather. Palm trees towering over your head providing shade and the lush tropical vegetation will soothe you after a sun bath. Seeing sculptures from the renaissance period in the middle of the greenery will make you feel like a Greek or a Roman Lord taking a stroll in the garden.

Be ready to be enchanted by the historical heritage and get lost in the interesting facts of Malaga. This Malaga port guide is sure to give you a history lesson as you journey back to different periods.

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