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5 Must-have Experiences at Amsterdam Cruise Port

Here is the list of 5 awesome things to do at Amsterdam cruise port.

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At the mention of Amsterdam, the scene of coffee shops and bicycle rides instantly pops up in your mind. The 17th century historic heritage buildings never fail to leave the tourists spellbound. Thanks to the city’s nanoscopic size, Amsterdam is known for having more culture per capita than any other city. But little do the tourists realize, that the city is 18 feet below the sea level and would have been easily wiped off the map has it not been engineered meticulously.

Top 5 Things To Do at Amsterdam Cruise Port

1. Gogh And Consume the Art!

Amsterdam welcomes art with open arms. No wonder the place has a myriad of museums! You can go explore the legendary post-impressionist Dutch painter, Vincent Van Gogh. His paintings opened an avenue for the people to absorb new perspectives of art. The museum is home to the largest collection of 100 paintings by a painter. People from all walks of life visit the museum to consume the rawness of his paintings such as the Sunflowers, The Potato Eaters and the self-portraits.

2. Cruise Through the Canals!

Hop on a boat with your partner and cruise through the trademark canals of the city. Several tourists flock to the picturesque canals for phenomenal cruising experiences. Dinner cruise is ideal for a romantic date with your lover. A three-course candle-lit dinner just does it all to spread love in the air. You are sure to enjoy a great view afloat! Then you have the Booze Cruise wherein you are served a variety of cocktails and taken through the fascinating Red Light area of the city. The day cruise gives you a peak into the lives of the locals while you sip your wine and observe the city.

3. Visit the Secret Annex of The Young Girl

Anne Frank won the world’s heart over with her diary. Amsterdam offers a peep into the hiding place, which was home to the young girl. The place gives us deepest understanding of the tragedies of war. People stand in queues to visit the house as Anne Frank’s story broke millions of hearts. As you walk through the annex you come across the book shelf, the cooking area, the living area and the bedroom of Anne Frank. You will find yourself brimming with empathy for the Jews.

4. Relish Appetizing Cuisines!

You must NOT miss the mouthwatering cuisines of the city! Amsterdam offers a variety of unique culinary experiences. If you feel the need to fill your tummy up before drinks, bitterballen is the ultimate pub snack in Amsterdam. The deep-fried crispy meatballs served with a mustard dip will leave you drooling. The Dutch sweet treat, stroopwafel can be found at any local bakery. It’s a peculiar dish where two thin waffles are stuck together with a layer of syrup. Raw herring is another delicious local dish. The fish sandwich served with pickles and onions are sure to satisfy your taste buds. It is a street side item you will find at herring carts. If you are a hungry traveler, you must try it all!

5. Float with Flowers!

The Dutch culture is known for its tulips. The Bloemenmarkt is a flower market with a collection of diverse range of flowers, cacti, house plants and garden equipment. It is heaven for avid gardeners. The on-boat market runs along the Singel between Koningsplein and Muntplein. The mere sight of the colorful market and the whiff of the flowers will bring a smile to your face.

Amsterdam is for all – the art lovers, the history enthusiasts, the nomadic travelers, and the party animals!

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