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Top 5 Things to Do in Ocho Rios, Jamaica While on a Cruise

There are numerous activities you can take up in Ocho Rios while on a cruise.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Ocho Rios sets a standard for beach cruising considering its lushly green forests and turquoise waters in addition to the culturally rich populace. Ocho Rios is locally known as Ochi. The bountiful forest of Ochi covers 3,000 acres of land with trickling streams, gushing waterfalls and ample vegetation. Not to mention the calm beaches with glistening crystal-clear water to sweep you off your feet.

5 Best Things to Do in Ocho Rios, Jamaica While on a Cruise

1. River Tube Ride

Sit in your tube wearing a life-jacket and let the flow of river decide where you end up. The White River flows up to 3 miles with spellbinding scenery. You must not forget to stop by at the White River Valley for the popular Jamaican Jerk chicken.

2. Slide Down the Bobsled Track

Mystic Mountains is a rainforest adventure park that has various rides along and inside the forest. Both, adults and kids can enjoy the rides and outdoor activities. Initially, there appears a ride called Sky Explorer which chairlifts over the lush landscape. And if you want the natural forces at your fingertips, you have got to try the famous Jamaica’s famous Bobsled Track. The track travels 3,280 feet topsy-turvy as it goes down the Mystic Mountain.

3. Irie Blue Hole

This magical pond is located in the hills of Jamaica. The waterfall races down in a series of cascades which forms a shimmering blue pond of water underneath. Plunge into the water without a thought after sunbathing at the beach. Adventurous folks swing and jump from ropes screaming for an adrenaline rush. Spend some quality time at the Irie Blue Hole and take in your surroundings.

4. A Trip to Nine Mile

A visit to Bob Marley’s birthplace is like a pilgrimage to Reggae fans. Getting a glimpse of the legend’s boyhood means the world to his fans. The tourists will also get a taste of Rastafarian culture and their mannerisms. Nine Miles is in the country side. You can travel to the place in the iconic Zion Bus and sway along with the locals who sing Reggae songs during the journey.

5. Dunn River Falls

Dunn River Falls is the most visited tourist spot in Ocho Rios. The humongous 600-foot waterfall cascades into several trickling streams and forms a river. This is the favorite tourist spot. Families enjoy frolicking in the river and under the waterfall. Most people describe Dunn River Falls to be the best part of their vacation.

Apart from these things to do, you can bask in the sun by the beach sipping your margarita and enjoy the picturesque scenario ahead of you.

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