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Panama Canal Crossing
Panama Canal Crossing

Best Time to Explore Panama Canal on a Cruise

Here is the useful information that will help you to find the perfect time to make the cruise trip to the Panama Canal.

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The Panama Canal is one of the seven Modern wonders and grabbing all the attention from the tourist all over the world. The place has been all-rounder travel destination in all means, ranging from views to luxurious hospitality, wildlife and much more. There are two types of trips are available in this new age engineering marvel, full crossing or trans-canal crossing. The best time to cruise to the Panama Canal is during spring and winter.

Best Time to Take a Cruise to the Panama Canal

Know the sky tales

Panama is a tropical destination and temperature is always around 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit year around. So the place quite balmy, humid and often you might visualize the storms. To cope up these instances, get into place during the February, March, September and October, when the rain will be less or you can also choose December till the beginning of May when it’s almost dry and sunny days.

Holidays are just holidays

"The only thing Panamanians take seriously are their holidays" one wise man told this. On formal as well as festive holidays, Panama’s streets are empty and you might feel like it’s a ghost town. Make sure that you don’t plan your holiday in the holiday periods. Though most of the tourist services are working throughout the time, be sure to stock water and other things.

Crowds and costs

Panama grabs a lot of attention throughout the year, but during the dry season, you will find that the crowds are crazy. In the dry season, the Panama cruise works at full capacity and you might miss chance or pay high fees due to the rush. Apart from that the restaurants and hotels raise the bar as it’s the tourist season. To get some quite tour moment and not to burn a hole in pocket prefer travelling during the May to December, you may get a chance to enjoy some rain showers.

Celebrations and festivals

Panama is really into celebrating each moment in life and they take their festivals & rituals quite seriously so there are plenty of events you will be part of during your trip. In January, flowers, coffee and jazz festival is celebrated. During the March holy week and after Easter, the place has grand religious celebrations awaiting you to witness their culture. If you are party animal, the Carnival Mardi Gras parties, are just perfect for you.

Panama has vacation vibes all around the year, you just need to count on what you want to experience and you will find out your perfect time!

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