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Cruises to Russia

About Russia


Eastern Europe and Northern Asia make up Russia, a transcontinental country. It is the world's largest nation with a rich history and several dozen ethnic groups. It allows fellow cruisers to spend more time in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Both the cities have unique architecture, world-class art, and rich history that await. Beyond some metro and urban cities, the wilderness in Russia is magnificent despite a menacing climate, boasting villages and fishing towns that flourish despite the weather.

The world's largest country is Russia. During the Russian cruise from St. Petersburg and Moscow, it will give the taste of everyday Russian life and the cruise between the two legendary cities. This route offers you peace of mind and out of which you can make most of the fascinating tour country. When you visit St. Petersburg, you can find the Hermitage Museum, an art museum started by the great Catherine.

You can create the craziest and most unforgettable stories and exciting history in Russia and learn about its tradition. A few things you can do while in Russia are, visiting the wooden church, the royal jewels, and adorable eggs. GUM mall is a great place to shop. Designer stores are all gathered there.

Russia's Highlights

One of the most exciting holidays you can take is one to Russia. You can enjoy these activities when you visit:

Every traveler should make Lake Baikal a priority when planning a trip to Russia. One-fifth of the world's surface freshwater is contained in Lake Baikal, making it the deepest lake and the largest. If you do not stop at the lake while riding the Trans-Siberian railroad across Russia, your journey will be incomplete. The lake is only one hour's drive from Irkutsk, a central transportation hub in Eastern Siberia. Irkutsk offers a wide variety of tours and museums for visitors to choose from.

It makes sense that Moscow is the prime place to experience Russian food and culture. Food tours are a delicious way to sample various foods. They offer pork dumplings in soup, raw lard (pork belly fat), blini, and caviar as classic food tours. You can try new foods even if they aren't something you usually eat. You can also order a Dagestan pie with flatbread.

You can take a canal tour while in Russia as one of the best Russian activities. St. Petersburg's countless canals make taking these tours a memorable experience. A voyage along the artificial canals will allow you to see over 800 bridges that span a distance of 300 kilometers.

The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts and the Hermitage are two of the largest mainstream museums in Russia. Still, there are also offbeat museums, such as the Museum of Soviet Arcade Games, where you can play with hammer and sickle coins dating from the Soviet time. St. Petersburg's Museum of Hygiene is an excellent idea to check out, where you can learn about disease dangers and other side effects of dirt.

Ports to visit on a Russia Cruise

You can achieve anything on your cruise to Russia if you adopt the pluck and tenacity of the Russian people. Take this opportunity to learn about Russia's crazy stories, incredible history, and beautiful traditions. Check out the following ports:

Moreover, in its former glory as the Russian capital, St. Petersburg, today is a vibrant hub of culture, arts, and historic institutions that await exploration by cruise ship in Russia. While strolling along the Baltic Sea, you can relax and admire the sea's charm. Take a canal tour to explore the different sights of St. Petersburg while on a cruise. Take your time browsing the many cafes along the 3.5-mile Nevsky Prospect and try the cured sausages and buttery rye bread.

Wild adventures are awaiting in Russia's Far East, typified by the snow-capped dome of the Koryaksky volcano. Petropavlovsk, located amid a string of five volcanic islands in Avacha Bay, is an ideal place to escape the pressures of everyday life and find peace and quiet. There's a lot to discover in Petropavlovsk, the largest city in Kamchatka. A total of 160 volcanoes are located in the region, along with the southernmost expanse of the Arctic tundra. Experience spectacular views and a memorable rush while paragliding over the city of fire and ice.

You'll be amazed by St. Basil's Cathedral, a colorful onion dome at Red Square. On a Russian cruise, you will enjoy some rural Russian villages such as Mandrogi and Goritsy. They have been reconstructed to look exactly as they were in the 18th century.

Despite its not-so-famous status, Vladivostok is a charming and cultural city in Russia's far east. Discover the history, wildlife, local cuisine, shopping, and many other things here. You can also visit the glass beach, made up of multicolored stones formed by corroded glass deposited over the years.

Which cruise lines go to Russia?

Some of the cruise lines sailing to Russia's ports are – Scenic, Viking River Cruises, Costa Cruise Line, MSC Cruises, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Azamara Cruise Line.

Cruise Ports of Russia

Archangelsk, Baltiysk, Korsakov Sakhalin, Murmansk, Novorossiysk, Petropavlovsk Kamtschatka, Saint Petersburg, Sochi, Solovjetski Islands, and Vladivostok.



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