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A Basic Guide to Bahamas Cruise Vacation

Explore the best Bahamas cruise vacation guide and get inspired to cruise with family or friends.

By Cruise Booking Team

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If you are looking to relax and de-stress, a Bahamas cruise is just what you need. The tropical paradise of the Bahamas allows you to relax on pristine beaches, cool down in crystal clear water, and get mesmerized by swaying palms. The 700 islands that make up the Bahamas have something for everyone. During the cruise, you can enjoy a diving expedition at the Orange Bowl coral reef, enjoy retail therapy at Paradise Island or visit surreal resorts like the Atlantis.

An Informative Guide That Will Make Your Bahamas Cruise Holidays More Exciting

Things to Do on a Bahamas Cruise

The Bahamas is merely 200 miles from the coast of Florida, so you will reach the archipelago within no time. Some of the things that you can do and enjoy during your Bahamas cruise are:

1. Spend a day at the amazing Atlantis Resort and Casino on waterslides and checking out the wonderful aquarium. In the evening, you can try your luck at the casino or enjoy a laidback meal at the resort’s restaurants.

2. In Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, you can visit the Fish Fry, where you will find restaurants in a line. Savor the local delicacy, conch, in the form of conch fritters and conch salad.

3. When the cruise ship drops anchor at the Grand Bahama Island, plan a visit to the Lucayan National Park to absorb the 40 acres of nature trails and two underwater caves.

4. To escape from the madding crowd, head to the serene Versailles Garden, where you will find statues of historical figures, FDR and Napoleon. The Garden is also home to the ruins of the 13th-century stone monastery, which was brought from France by William Randolph Hearst.

5. Pick up souvenirs for family and friends at the Straw Market in Nassau. Remember, to bargain and haggle as it is the norm here.

Best Places to Visit on a Bahamas Cruise

The Bahamas has numerous ports of call and marinas, but the most popular are Freeport and Port Lucaya on the Grand Bahama Island. The New Providence Island is renowned for its marinas. Then there is Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas which attracts cruise travelers throughout the year. These places are where cruise ships from the continental US call on and hence, you will be able to explore the attractions without any hassle.

In Nassau, you can enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience of swimming with the dolphins. You can also visit the Pirates of Nassau, an interactive museum, where you can learn about the pirates and buccaneers from the days gone by.

Freeport will awe you with its National Art Gallery and the lush botanical gardens. Make it a point to visit Hatchet Bay to explore the caves.

If you are looking for a unique experience, find a cruise operator with their own private island in the Bahamas. Half Moon Cay and Great Stirrup Cay are owned by cruise companies and offer exclusive experiences to cruise passengers. Here, you will be able to snorkel, paddle, and kayak to your heart’s content and without any disturbance. And, when you want to rejuvenate, you can head to the beachfront cabanas to sip cool, tall drinks and absorb the azure waters.

Best Time to Visit Bahamas On a Cruise

The Bahamas enjoy sunny days for 340 days a year, making it a year-round cruise destination. However, the best time to plan your Bahamas cruise is after the hurricane season, which is from July to the end of November. The most popular cruise season is from the middle of December to the middle of April and that is when the weather is the hottest in the Bahamas. You can even go on a cruise from late April to June. The weather during this period is warm, but you will have to contend with a lot of rain.

The Bahamas enjoy salubrious temperatures throughout the year – between 70 and 80 deg F. So, you can plan your cruise vacation and cruise online booking any time of the year. If budget is not a constraint, visit between December and April, but be prepared to tackle crowds. Alternatively, you can plan your visit from January to late February.

Now you know everything about the Bahamas cruise. It is time to pick an itinerary and plan your cruise vacation.

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