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Cruises to St Thomas, Virgin Islands, us

St Thomas, Virgin Islands, us Cruises

St. Thomas is located in the U.S. Virgin Islands and is one of the most popular destinations in the Eastern Caribbean. Its neighbors are St. Johns, St. Croix, and the British Virgin Islands. The island is relatively small, 32 square miles, and therefore easy to travel around the island in one day. It's a perfect destination for major cruise lines' itineraries. Additionally, to being simply stunning, it's best known for its duty-free shopping place in the region. It is just one of St. Thomas's many things to do. 

Best Things to do in St. Thomas

St. Thomas is within U.S. Territory. One can expect the best security and convenience in ease of transaction, movement, and communication. With all such amenities and supporting features, one should visit this amazing place and explore these top five things in St. Thomas.

1. Charlotte Amalie

Charlotte Amalie is within a 10 minutes walking distance from the Havensight cruise dock. It is the capital city of St. Thomas. The cruise port Havensight is the default cruise port for all cruise lines and the other two ports – Crown Bay and the West Indian Dock. This town is considered a haven for all shopping lovers but was once a pirate sanctuary. Millions of people visit this port and explore all the local shops, historical attractions, pristine beaches, and friendly locals. Alleys run past picturesque colonial warehouses converted into shops, residences, and cafés. When cruise ships are in port, this town is much busier. 

Apart from shopping, it has several historical and religious sites, including the Dutch Reformed Protestant Church built in 1844 and the Frederick Lutheran Church built-in 1820. Even the Emacipation Park memorializes the abolition of slavery on the island in 1848. So make sure you visit these attractions when you hop to St. Thomas. Moreover, it also has UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as St. Thomas Synagogue, Fort Christine, and Black Beard's Castle.

2. Coral World Ocean Park

This ocean park is near Coki Beach and is very popular among the locals and tourists. It's situated on the opposite side of St. Thomas Island, but one can take a 20 minutes cab ride as the island is small. The park allows visitors to watch marine life and animal encounters. The most exciting thing about the Coral World is the 80,000-gallon coral reef aquarium with tropical fish.

The Butterfly Garden is located near Havensight cruise dock. Enter the lush tropical botanical garden, which is home to 25 different butterfly species from around the world in its three parks. During the visit, you can also hire a professional guide who will entertain you with fascinating facts about the extraordinary life cycle of these beautiful creatures as they change from eggs to caterpillars to spectacular butterflies through the miracle of metamorphosis. Also, ensure that you wear something bright and frangranbecause doing that will attract those cuties to you! And when you stroll outside the garden, you'll find a wide variety of local plants and butterflies. 

3. Magens Bay Beach Break

Do you know that St. Thomas has around 40 beaches boasting gorgeous white sand and crystal clear turquoise water? Magens Bay is a part of that 40 beaches, surrounded by an abundance of lush green vegetation and known for its white-powdery sands and calm water. The bay is around 3.7 miles away from the cruise port and Charlotte Amalie towards the north. It is a mile-long true tropical gem that ranks among the most beautiful beaches in the world. One can consider it an ideal beach for swimming and recommended for kids because the water is calm. Snorkeling is possible, but due to the sandy bottom is not that exciting. Even if someone wants to go on a hike, it is the perfect place. Go for an uphill trek and enjoy some of the scenic views of the port, and on your way back, check out the Mountain Top. This observation deck offers mesmerizing views of Magens Bay. 

4. Buck Island

Buck Island is located 2 miles south of St. Thomas Island. One can embark on a sailing adventure to Buck Island. It is known for its rugged coastline, colorful coral reef, and old hilltop lighthouse that offers breathtaking ocean views. When you hop on the island, the most popular activity one can do is Turtle Cove. The island is home to Green Sea Turtles that you can often spot swimming in the blue azure, crystal clear waters. Besides turtles, divers will also find other marine life such as squirrelfish, snapper, surgeonfish, and other tropical sea creatures. One can also experience diving around a fascinating coral reef. The island is a blast, and one can reach the island with the help of a sailboat, speedboat, or catamaran on a guided tour. 

Best Time to Visit in St. Thomas

The best time to visit St. Thomas Virgin Island is April to June. During these months, the weather remains mild with very little rainfall. Though the Virgin Islands doesn't have any rainy season, the rainiest months are May and from August to November

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