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Enchanted Princess

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About Enchanted Princess

Learn about the Enchanted Princess cruise ship – its unique offerings, amenities, accommodations, staterooms, cabin information, and details of luxurious suites, decks, dining, specialty dining, public venues, entertainment, health and fitness facilities, activities for kids and teens, sports and enrichment programs for all family members, pictures and videos.

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An extraordinary new cruise experience.

Enchanted princesses? Share the spectacular style and luxury of our fleet and introduce a new charm of your own. Enjoy an exquisite and unique dining experience. Pools and hot tubs on most of our fleet. A world-class venue for breathtaking performances. We also have a stunning new Sky Suite with expansive views from our largest balcony.

Make your vacation your own with Princess Medallion Class® cruises, where every ship is equipped with the latest technology. Enjoy WiFi, a TrulyTouchless™ experience, food and drinks delivered anywhere, and more.

  • Size:Large
  • Style:Resort
  • Type:Ocean
  • Year of launch:2021
  • Gross tonnage:145281t
  • Length:330.0m
  • Width:47.0m
  • Speed:23kts
  • Decks:15
  • Language:English
  • Currency:US Dollar ($)
  • No. of passengers:3660
  • No. of crew:1346
  • No. of cabins:1782
  • -wheelchair access:38
Unique Features

Princess Medallion Class vacations offer the ultimate hassle-free customized cruise experience. It starts with Medallion®, a quarter-size wearable device that enables everything from touch-free boarding to locating loved ones anywhere on board. We also offer enhanced services such as: B. Delivery of everything you need. Stay connected and spend more time doing what you love during a Princess Medallion Class® vacation.

The Cruising Medallion Class® is meant to make your vacation hassle-free. It turns out that the cutting-edge technology behind our smart ships also helps reduce physical contact. From staged boarding to contactless payments, you can continue to enjoy excellent service while staying safe at sea, giving you complete control over your vacation experience.

Contactless Boarding

Easy, Effortless Embarkation

Start your vacation early while maintaining physical distancing.

  • Get ready at home by downloading the MedallionClass™ App: App Store | Google Play
  • Please choose your arrival time slot so that everyone does not board at the same time.
  • Mail Medallion™ to your location. (or pick up at the port if you live outside the US)
  • Ride faster and go straight to your favorite places.

Keyless Stateroom Entry

Hands Full? No Problem

Walk down the hallway and voila! The door will open as you approach and may even greet you personally. Enjoy keyless entry with automatic door locks every time you enter the cabin.

TrulyTouchless™ Payment

Buy Without Cash or Cards

You can buy groceries, drinks and other things, even laundry tokens. – Contactless with MedallionPay™. The crew will verify your identity by matching your photo with your location without having to hand over your card or enter your PIN. Worried about how much you (and your family) spent on your cruise? Easily monitor your onboard spending by accessing your portfolio on your smart device.

The Best Wi-Fi at Sea

Stay Connected at Sea

With MedallionNet® Wi-Fi, you can access the internet from anywhere on board, allowing you to:

  • Check email, text, video chat, and exchange pictures
  • Stream your favorite shows, movies, music and sports
  • Stay in touch with loved ones

You can buy packages for 1 or 4 devices at low daily prices.

Dining Reservations

Dine When, How and Where You Like

Customize your dining experience with Dine My Way reservations. Customize your meal times each day and choose from the main dining room or specialty restaurants. Eat dinner at the same time each night, or change it to suit you. Choose from a variety of options while avoiding lines and waiting times.

* Reservation time will be determined according to the capacity and availability of the venue.


An optional gratuity of US$12 per person for Mini-Suites and Suites and US$11.50 per person per day for all other staterooms (including children) will be automatically credited to your onboard account each day.

A 15% tip is added to the dining room bar charge and wine bill. This is split between the drink staff and their support staff.

Casino dealers and Lotus Spa staff do not contribute to these tips as not all passengers use these services.


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