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What is the best month to cruise in Japan?

Planning a cruise to Japan? Read the article to learn about the best months you can cruise in Japan.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Japan is one of the most developed countries in the world, and it is also noted for its ideal blend of ancient and modern culture. Many tourists can be seen traveling across Japan via land, but sailing aboard a cruise ship is another popular way to spend a vacation. With the changing of the seasons comes a unique change in the scenery and atmosphere, each with its enchanting charm. Many people might not think of Japan as an ideal cruise destination, but they should know that it is an archipelago of 6852 islands which makes it perfect for traveling on a cruise.

What is the best month to cruise in Japan?

Traveling across beautiful landscapes of Japan on a cruise will surely make your vacation memorable, but it is crucial to know which is the best month to cruise. 

1. Spring (March to May)

Spring season is the most popular time to take a cruise in Japan when the cherry blossoms beautifully bloom all across the country. Spring is seen as a time of renewal and energy, and there are several cultural events associated with the season. Major cities like Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto become more beautiful and charming as the average temperature is around 25 degree Celsius. During this time, locals gather in parks with their family members to celebrate ‘Hanami’, which is an appreciation of white and pink cherry blossoms. Located near the capital, Kawachi Fuji botanical gardens are the best place to visit during this season.

2. Summer (June to August)

Although many people can be seen cruising throughout Japan during the summer months, it is not regarded as the ideal season to embark on a cruise. Due to the high temperatures, the weather turns hot and humid, with the possibility of heavy rainfall in some locations. Visitors have the opportunity to take part in some traditional festivities at this time, like Nebuta Matsuri in Aomori, and Awa-Odori is the major dance festival in Tokushima. You will also have the opportunity to sample some unique and refreshing dishes made with shaved ice, watermelons, and cold noodles.

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3. Autumn (September to November)

Autumn can be a great time for cruisers to experience the stunning landscapes of Japan as they are covered in dense green forests. The temperature during this time is neither too low nor too high which creates a pleasant atmosphere. As the country turns into a magnificent natural spectacle, for local people autumn is also a time of deep cultural significance. It is the ideal time to visit the archipelago's authentic spots, such as Yakushima island and its forests of thousand year old cedars. The sacred island of Miyajima, which is home to the renowned Itsukushima shrine, should not be missed by cruisers.

4. Winter (December to February)

Winter is an excellent time to see Japan's natural beauty, as everything will be lurking beneath a thick blanket of snow. There are various attractions to visit around the country, including natural hot springs and the chance to see the famous snow monkeys. In major cities and most of the archipelagos, temperature lies between 0 degree Celsius to 15 degrees Celsius, so travelers need to carry sweaters and jackets. The Famous Mount Fuji of Japan offers stunning views as its slopes are covered under a blanket of snow. Winter is a very quiet time of year for travelers, making it possible to explore the most popular areas of Tokyo and Kyoto in tranquility.


There are several fascinating things to explore and visit in Japan while traveling on a cruise ship that will leave you awestruck. If we talk about the best months to cruise in Japan then it will be March to May and September to November. During this period weather is pleasant, and important festivals are also celebrated in Japan. The weather in Japan throughout the summer and winter months may not be best for cruising, but there are still many places to explore and things to do.

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