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Akita, Japan
Akita, Japan

Top Things to do in Akita, Japan

Akita is a beautiful city with many tourist attractions. Set sail on a cruise for an enriching experience. Check out the top 5 things to do in Akita, Japan below.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Akita is a beautiful prefecture located in the northern Tohoku region of Japan. Its scenic beauty, hot springs, and cultural festivals have made the place an attractive tourist destination. Akita caters to both mountain and sea lovers. Moreover, the small town of Kakunodate houses an interesting samurai district which is an additional attraction for history buffs.

This blog lists the top 5 things to do in Akita, Japan, for a memorable experience.

Top 5 amazing things to do in Akita, Japan

Akita is a historically rich place that enables people to make many beautiful memories. The following are some of the top places that you must remember to visit:

1. Dakigaeri Gorge

This gorge is located on the outskirts of the Kakunodate district. If you visit this region, then you will be rewarded with breathtaking scenery. You can enjoy a hike through old logging trails and travel through tunnels and bridges above an iridescent blue river.

Remember that autumn is the busiest season. If you wish to visit the majestic Dakigaeri Gorge, then warmer weather months are ideal.

2. Nyuto Onsen

Going to Nyuto Onsen is among the top 5 activities in Akita, Japan, for visitors. It is located in the Tazawako district of Semboku. This is a city that is located on the eastern side of Akita. Nyuto Onsen is situated in Towada Hachimantai National Park and boasts a sophisticated and classic Japanese atmosphere.

This is an ideal abode if you wish to escape the hassles of busy urban life for a few days. Nyuto Onsen is a group of seven spas located around a majestic mountain. If you wish to visit, then you can arrange for your transport. Otherwise, you can also walk for a few kilometers to visit this place.

3. Kakunodate Samurai District

This is an ancient Samurai district located in Akita where visitors can see traditional samurai architecture. You can travel along long and wide roads guarded by tall weeping trees that present a picturesque scene during the season of cherry blossoms.

The Kakunodate district features several galleries, a main house, an armory, a beautiful garden, and the Samurai Tool Museum. Tourists can wear a helmet, check out a Samurai sword, and even lift a traditional Kago carriage.

You can also visit the Denshokan Museum, which houses traditional crafts. Here, you'll also get to see demonstrations by craftsmen. Above all, your day will be well-spent.

4. Oga Namahage Museum

This museum is a repository for local customs and traditional folklore. The Namahage are folklore symbols of Akita's Oga region. Local people consider the Namahage to be messengers of mountain gods.

The Namahage Sendo Festival, which takes place in February every year, attracts many visitors for the Kagura-like performance in Shinzan Shrine. At other times of the year, you can visit Oga Namahage Museum to learn about the Namahage and other local customs. You can also try out Namahage costumes for an enriching cultural experience.

5. Tazawa Lake

If you travel to Lake Tazawa in Semboku, Akita, then you'll be rewarded with the sight of northern Japan’s breathtaking natural beauty. It offers tourists a range of activities. You can go swimming, walking, hiking, and boating.

If you wish to enjoy some quiet time, then you can simply sit and relax at the hot springs inn. The beautiful scenery of the mountain around the lake helps you disconnect from the worries of everyday life and relax.

Key takeaways

Apart from the top 5 things to do in Akita, Japan, there are other things you will not want to miss. You should taste the regional dish ‘kiritanpo’. The local people toast rice cakes on skewers and add them to a hotpot of chicken and seasonal vegetables. It’s a popular dish, generally eaten in November after rice harvesting.

You can also drive from Akita to the southern end of the Oga peninsula to view some magnificent rock formations. Don’t forget to click pictures at the Godzilla Rock. It is a rock formation that looks like the monster Godzilla.

So, don’t wait any longer to get to Akita. Simply book your cruise from Wonders await you there!

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