5 best beaches in Rotterdam

A visit to the city of Rotterdam, Netherlands is not complete without exploring its array of stunning beaches. Read more to find out the top beaches in Rotterdam that are worth a visit.

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The quaint little city of Rotterdam in Netherlands is home to a number of beautiful beaches. Some of the top beaches in Rotterdam are best known for their stunning scenic views and the pretty cafes lined along the beach. If you are looking for a peaceful escape from the bustle of the city or a fun day trip, you must explore the beaches in Rotterdam. From perfect family getaways to romantic beach dates, here are some of the best beaches in Rotterdam.

We have curated a list of the 5 best beaches in Rotterdam that you must explore.

Which are the 5 Best Beaches in Rotterdam?

1. De Heijplaat

This quaint beach is nestled within the port of Rotterdam, in a small village called Heijplaat. It is located along a "secret" path, between some houses. A paradise for sunbathers with a picturesque view, this beach will relax you in no time. There's nothing better than taking a quiet stroll in this peaceful setting and rejuvenating your tired mind and body.

2. 's-Gravenzande Beaches

In comparison with the famous Hoek van Holland, this place is quieter with a 3-kilometre stretch of coastline. A number of charming cafes/restaurants line the beach, where hammocks are available for guests. A lot of these eateries also offer enticing wood oven pizza, to tickle your taste buds.

3. The Esch

This delightful beach is small, but it’s a winner when it comes to its picturesque views. This stretch of sand will offer you some of the most entrancing Rotterdam skyline views. The aesthetic beauty of this beach makes it popular, giving it an appealing and inviting aura all day long.

4. Quarantine Beach Heijplaat

This beach has an interesting history. In older times, ill sailors were initially quarantined in the area of Heijplaat, a former Rotterdam dry dock company site. A secluded natural sand beach lies behind the green area where artists now live in the former sick bays. As you walk by the hand-painted signs, take in the scenic views and delve a little into the historic tales of this enthralling place.

5. Zevenhuizerplas

The beach is very popular among the locals and residents of the surrounding villages, who enjoy swimming, volleyball, and barbecuing. It is flanked by a boulevard and has a width of 800 metres, making it feel like a seaside town. The beach is easily accessible from Rotterdam by metro.


Rotterdam being close to the sea boasts a plethora of beautiful beaches that are easily accessible. These pretty beaches are perfect for your aesthetic beach photos as they give you one of the most beautiful views of the Rotterdam skyline. In addition, these must explore beaches in Rotterdam also have some nice cafes and pubs along the beach.

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