Cefalu Beaches,Palermo
Cefalu Beaches,Palermo

5 Best Beaches In Palermo, Sicily

If you love sandy beaches and crystal blue water, this is for you. Palermo, Sicily has some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. Read more to find out the 5 best beaches to visit.

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Palermo has long been a firm favourite with visitors who flock to Sicily for this historical and alluring port city, which is also the capital of the island. The coast of Palermo, on the island of Sicily, is lined with some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, lapped by waters that are turquoise blue.

The beaches in Palermo, Sicily are mostly inside nature reserves with impressive tourist facilities and are fully equipped with tables, chairs, changing tents, showers, and restrooms. The beaches in Palermo make for a great escape from the city hustle. We here have a list of the 5 best beaches in Palermo, Sicily to help you not miss out on these must-visit destinations.

5 Must-Visit Beaches in Palermo

1. Mondello Beach

Mondello, a crescent bay with white sand and shallow water, is a short drive from Palermo city. The pristine waters and sugar-white sand at Mondello Beach are sure to leave you in awe. The murals and Art Nouveau bathhouse make it a quintessential "people's beach", especially for families.

The beach also offers umbrellas and sunbeds for rent. Visitors can also go boating or participate in other water sports. If you prefer sand beaches, Mondello beach is the perfect beach for your family or even lone travellers who love lively waterfronts. It is best to make a day trip from Palermo to Mondello, which is about a 15-minute bus ride from the city.

2. Cefalu Beaches

Cefalù is one of Sicily's most fascinating destinations. This small historical town is located 61 kilometres from Palermo and is renowned for its old village centre. A stunning sandy beach and crystal-clear waters surround this historic town.

With plenty of beautiful hotels and luxury resorts surrounding the beaches and bays, it makes for an attractive seaside holiday destination. The golden sands of the beach are perfect for anyone looking to relax in the warm light of the Sicilian sun while laying on their towels. And while you're splashing around in the water, check out all the historical villages dotted along the coastline.

3. Capaci Sicily Beach

If you are on the hunt for the best beaches in Palermo with a bit of interesting history attached to them, look no further than Capaci, located 20 kilometres from Palermo. This town is well known for the murder of anti-mafia judge Giovanni Falcone. However, today, the area is known for stunning seaside views, gorgeous beaches, and terrific restaurants.

Golden sands line the shore with crystal clear, shallow waters that run several metres out from the shoreline, making it perfect for children to play. At the beach, you can also rent sunbeds and umbrellas.

The beautiful sandy beach is a favourite among families, couples, and solo travellers who come to soak up the sun before dipping in the waters. At night, the beachfront is lit up with bars and discos for an evening of fun.

4. Isle Delle Femmine Beach

Located west of Palermo, the Isle Delle Femmine Beach is a large public beach. Near the town's centre, you can find this beach, which features clear blue waters and a white-sand shoreline. The small islet which lies about 300 metres off the Capaci coastline is called "Isola Delle Feminine," which means the Island of Women.

It is a natural reserve accessible by private boat. A 16th-century tower and breathtaking scenery surround you here. As it is named, the island is full of legendary stories. Along the bay, there are a number of hotels and resorts to choose from. In addition to the beaches, there are a number of seaside lidos where you can rent sunbeds or an umbrella.

5. Addaura Beach

In the shadow of Monte Pellegrino, a nature reserve situated southeast of Mondello Beach, is Addaura. The coastline is dotted with gorgeous villas, upscale beach clubs, restaurants, and bars with a panoramic view of the sea.

The beachfront offers many free decks as well as beach cafes to enjoy a cocktail or view the sea. Spend the day in the sun with an umbrella and a sunbed, enjoying Sicily's balmy weather.

Private beaches and jewel clear waters are available in this area, which is outside the typical tourist circuit. The coral beds on this stretch of beach are unparalleled, making it a great spot for divers to explore below the water.

What More to Know about Beaches in Palermo, Sicily?

More than a dozen islands dot the coastline of Sicily, which stretches more than 930 miles. During the summer months of May through October, water temperatures are warm enough to allow swimming, so it's not difficult to see why locals spend most of their time diving off craggy rocks into the blues of the Ionian, Tyrrhenian and Mediterranean Seas.

There are plenty of beautiful beaches in Palermo Sicily to discover, from pebbled shores to secluded coves. If you are planning a leisurely, beach holiday, this is the perfect destination for you.

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