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Top 5 Things to Eat in Corfu, Greece

Planning to visit Greece on a European cruise vacation? Make sure you try out these things to eat in Corfu, Greece.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Traditional Corfu Food is an amalgamation of Greek and Venetian cooking styles. In addition, the influence of the Eastern spice blend and the classical French cooking methods in its cuisine is evident. All of which have contributed to the evolution of Corfu food the way it is today.

But where do you get to taste authentic Corfiot cuisine? If you are on a European cruise, then make sure you visit this Greek island and read on to know the best things to eat in Corfu, Greece.


5 Must Try Food in Corfu, Greece

Here is a list of things to eat in Corfu, Greece, to keep handy during your travel.

1. Pastitsado or Pastitsada

Pastitsado or Pastitsada is a filling red wine stew made with a chicken or beef, ideally accompanied with pasta. This dish came to Europe in the period around 3,000 BC, rustically evolving to its present form near the 15th century after the introduction of tomatoes and bell peppers in Europe from the Americas. It is cooked in many variations and the most popular one resembling this Greek version is the Venetian Pastitsada.

There is a specific spice blend that is used in Pastitsado known as “spetsieriko” which includes - nutmeg, black pepper, cinnamon, paprika, cloves, allspice, sometimes chili pepper, and cumin.

2. Sofrito

Sofrito is one of the best foods in Corfu, which is also easily available. The name refers to both the dish and the style of cooking. The origins of this slowly fried dish are from Venice. But the Corfiot version has a unique difference.

A classic Italian Sofrito has onions, carrots, and celery. Whereas the Cuban version has onions and bell peppers.

But in Corfiot Sofrito, you have beef and lots of garlic cooked in olive oil, white wine, and parsley with a dash of salt and pepper.

3. Fish Bianco

After the Pastitsado and Sofrito in Corfu, the third famous dish is Fish Bianco. This is a simmered dish made with fish like Sea Bass (Lavraki in Greek) in white wine, served on pan-fried potatoes with lots of garlic, olive oil, white wine, salt, and cloves. Of course, lemon juice and zest, along with chopped parsley and black pepper, are added for a tangy taste. Some chefs also add flour to thicken the sauce.

If you have this dish in a restaurant on the Dalmatian coast, then we assure you, it will be a treat to your taste buds. Fish Bianco is a traditional food item for the religious festival of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.

4. Veal Fricando

Veal Fricando is essentially a dish made by roasting a loin of veal. It is originally from ancient Occitania (now parts of France and Italy). The recipe for fricandó appeared for the first time in textual form in a Catalan recipe.

This dish could have been brought into Venetian cuisine and thus introduced into Corfiot cuisine by the French during their rule beginning from 1797. Fricando is also found in Catalan and French cooking with the Switzerland variant known as Fricandeaux.

5. Zorka (Veg Pies)

Zorka is basically a veg pie, known to be one of the simplest peasant foods in Corfu. These pies are made with seasonal vegetables encased in a pastry shell. But having a pastry shell is not mandatory. Sometimes the pies contain zucchini, savory pumpkin, onion, cheese, or whatever is available fresh on the farm.

There is another version of zorka that has a prominent Greek touch. It is called Spanakopita or spinach pie, or tyropita. It has cheese pie and is generally made with phyllo dough. It is one of the best foods in Corfu.

Parting Thoughts

Are you salivating reading this list of things to eat in Corfu, Greece? Well, then head over to and make your plans to visit this part of Greece.

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