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sanjuan puertorico street
sanjuan puertorico street

A Comprehensive Guide to Exploring the Eastern Caribbean

Check out our complete guide to the Eastern Caribbean and start planning your visit. Explore the best of the Caribbean with a trip to its Eastern side.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Among cruisers, the Eastern Caribbean region is a very popular destination, and there are several reasons for it. Here, you will find beaches to soak in the sun, surrounded by blue water, or treat yourself to a cozy corner under a palm tree to lay back for hours. Irrespective of the activity you opt for, here is a complete guide to the Eastern Caribbean that you can keep handy while planning your trip.


Ultimate Tips To Explore The Eastern Caribbean

Here are some of the ultimate tips to explore the Eastern Caribbean:

1. Exploring the Swimming Options

There are so many islands in the Eastern Caribbean, including St. Lucia, Bahamas, Grenada, and the British Virgin Islands. If you are a swimmer or snorkeler, you can enjoy a swimming adventure in the southeast sea of the Bahamas. You may also get to experience adventurous diving in Bonaire on Dutch Island. You can also try boat trip to the British Virgin Islands.

2. Exploring the Rainforest

Is there anything more relaxing than connecting with nature? Are you drawn to the silence of nature? Then you should explore 'El Yunque', a tropical rainforest near 'Puerto Rico'. Hearing nature's melody through a waterfall in the middle of a forest may relieve your stress. Walking through the mountain trails and exploring the different species of plants and animals may give a different perspective while traveling. The tranquil beauty of the forest and the visuals of Mother Nature at its best make this location a must visit at least once in your lifetime.

3. Take a Ride through Submarine

The name itself is so thrilling, right? On St. Martin Island, you may find several adventurous options. But, if you truly want to do something extremely unique, then you should try a submarine trip to explore the wild beauty of the ocean. It is one of the best ways to explore the Eastern Caribbean.

4. Explore the Eco-Tourism

No complete guide to the Eastern Caribbean can end without talking about eco-tourism. Embark on an eco-tour to St. Marteen Island, and discover the true beauty of nature. The eco-friendly homestays and the mountain trails are surrounded by wild forests and at every turn, you may get to satisfy your wanderlust. If you ask for a more adventurous experience, then choose the zip line over the wild forest. No complete guide to the Eastern Caribbean can end without talking about eco-tourism.

5. Activities Around the Sea

Are you fond of singing and dancing? Then on the great bay beach, you can show off your salsa moves. Phillipsburg or Willemstad in Curacao, or Barbados, are likely to have some music festivals. Sounds exciting, right? So, explore the Eastern Caribbean with some beats, rhythms, and melodies.

6. Explore the Caribbean Delicacies

Food always play a vital role in your cruise travel plans. Why not? On each island of the East Caribbean, you may find some signature cuisines. If you want to try the Antiguan dishes, go for dishes made with conch, Johnny cakes, shawarma, or coconut sugar cake in St. Martin Island; the seafood dishes or special soup like Whelk or Guavaberrry liqueur are great choices if you like to explore different options. You may try some other delicacies also on other islands. For example, pollo guisaoo in Dominica, St. Lucian callaloo soup and nutmeg ice cream in Grenada.

Key Takeaways

Keep this complete guide to the Eastern Caribbean within your reach when you plan a trip to cover all the notable places and take part in the popular activities. Now, all that is left is to book the tickets and make the travel plans; for that, visit

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