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5 Best Beaches in Rio de Janeiro

Planning a trip to Brazil? Don’t forget to explore the exotic beaches in Rio de Janeiro! Read more to find out all about the prettiest beaches in Rio de Janeiro.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Rio de Janeiro has some of the most iconic beaches in the world. It has a variety of waterfronts, each with a unique vibe- from buoyant and brimming to intimate small relaxing coves, you will get a taste of everything here. Best Beaches in Rio de Janeiro also include the famed boardwalk at Copacabana Beach and the famous Ipanema Beach, which is the setting of the famous "Girl from Ipanema" song.


With its colourful vibe this destination will not let you get bored even for a second, as the city fabric blends into the natural landscape perfectly.

Which Beaches to Visit in Rio de Janeiro?

1. Copacabana

It would be impossible to make a list of the best beaches in Rio's De Janeiro without mentioning Copacabana, one of the world's finest beaches. It is nestled in the shadow of Sugarloaf Mountain and is a hub of activity all year round.

Enjoy the seaside atmosphere by strolling along the wave-patterned mosaic sidewalk, past the Copacabana Palace Hotel. While many people enjoy going to the beach to get some sun, surf, swim or just relax, others choose to participate in land-based activities such as beach soccer, beach volley ball, running or jogging, cycling or foot volley.

There is never a dull moment along the crescent-shaped Copacabana beach. At Copacabana beach, one of the world's most spectacular fireworks displays takes place every New Year's Eve, watched by more than 2 million people.

2. Ipanema

A short distance beyond Copacabana lies the much more upscale neighbourhood and beach of Ipanema, the setting for the hit song "The Girl from Ipanema." Ipanema is a more laid-back area than Copacabana, where you can sunbathe with the beautiful locals or relax next to a kiosk sipping on a beer and watching the people go by.

The famous Arpoador, situated at the threshold of Ipanema beach, rises out of the crashing waves. During sunset, crowds gather on the rocks to watch one of Rio's most beautiful sunsets. There are dozens of vendors walking the beach, selling everything from beers to beach towels to books and even coconuts.

3. Porto De Galinhas

With crystal-clear waters and soft white sands that seem to stretch forever, Porto de Galinhas is a laid-back resort town that offers the best of both worlds.

Located right in the centre of town, Porto de Galinhas beach is the most popular beach in the area. It has plenty of restaurants and food stalls, but the palm-fringed beach is still mostly untouched and pure, so it's possible to find a little corner all to yourself. Year-round, these natural pools are popular with swimmers and snorkelers.

4. Leblon

Leblon Beach is right in the middle of Rio's southern region, on the opposite end of Arpoador rock from Ipanema. A very relaxed beach vibe and many great restaurants and boutiques are found in Leblon, one of Rio's most exclusive neighbourhoods. A specific area is available for toddlers, and the centre provides a calm atmosphere for family activities.

The scenic beauty is marvellous from the top of a large granite rock, providing sweeping views of the mountain ranges and beaches. Leblon is a great beach for spending a day tanning and drinking some refreshing Brazilian drinks along the beachfront.

5. Praia Vermelha (Red Beach)

There is no doubt that the Red Beach (Praia Vermelha) is the most isolated and unexplored beach in Rio. Nestled amongst the most beautiful neighbourhoods in Rio, Urc, lying in a protected cove below the breath taking Sugarloaf Mountain, this small reddish sand beach is truly a natural wonder. A spectacular background of mountains and the ocean can be seen here.

The calm and peaceful waters of the bay are made possible by the rocky platforms and caves that turn the ocean into a bay. These features make this area popular for stand-up paddle boarding and canoeing. In the vicinity of Sugar Loaf itself, a nice trail leads around the base. This 20-minute walk is made even more enjoyable by the sight of monkeys playing in the trees.

Beaches in Rio De Janeiro- The Perfect Holiday Getaway

The atmosphere is the main feature which distinguishes Rio's beaches from others. Locals in Rio de Janeiro, also known as "Cariocas", are extremely passionate about the beach. Soccer, volleyball, or simply soaking up the warm tropical sun while sipping an ice-cold beer, soda, or caipirinha are popular pastimes for locals.

The beaches in Rio de Janeiro should definitely be included in the itinerary of anyone visiting the country. Hit the beach because that's one of the best things to do in Brazil! For more information and detailed guidance, check

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