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Malaga, Spain
Malaga, Spain

Best Things to Eat in Malaga

If you are planning a visit to Malaga, Spain, here are our 5 must-try foods. Explore the best of Spanish cuisine.

By Cruise Booking Team

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As a port city of Spain, Malaga has always been considered one of the famous destinations for cruisers. Here you get to experience the Andalusian lifestyle, which itself is an art. Why shouldn't it be? After all, Malaga was the birthplace of renowned artists like Pablo Picasso. Furthermore, if you enjoy getting lost in historical narratives, these ancient sites and their traditional architecture may be something you will relate to.


Malaga is also a fantastic destination if you want to recharge your spirits with some feel-good elements. Why? Because its beaches always greet visitors with warm arms. When it is about 'feel-good factors,' nothing can replace the role of good food. As a port city, you are likely to sample some seafood delicacies with a twist of Andalusian flavor. So, let's dive into the best things to eat in Malaga.

Check out the Best Things to Eat in Malaga

If you are a foodie and planning a trip to this beautiful destination, you may be wondering what to eat in Malaga? Don't worry; our recommendations for these 5 foods may introduce you to the flavors of Andalusia. In fact they will surely make you fall in love with the Andalusian and Spanish Delicacies.

1. Paella

This is probably one of the best foods in Malaga. The main ingredients of this traditional dish are rice, chicken, along with seafood of your choice. You may get some awesome flavors of garlic, onion, lemon, and saffron as this dish is all about flavors. Combining all ingredients in broth, this dish is cooked slowly over a low fire. Although it is a traditional dish, the cooking technique reveals that it is an invention inspired by a Mediterranean dishes.

The names may differ with the use of different ingredients, such as Paella mixta, seafood paella, etc. Paella is an excellent choice for dinner or lunch if you are looking for a special meal.

2. Espetos

On the golden beaches of this region, it is probably one of the best things to eat in Malaga. This may be a great option to explore, especially if you love seafood. Espetos is basically grilled sardines on skewers cooked on an open fire. These sardine skewers are a Malaga cuisine classic and are also linked to the popular festival of the Moraga.

3. Pipirrana

As an Andalusian delicacy, Pipirrana is served in the form of a salad. The traditional salad consists of bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, olives, and different types of seafood with olive oil dressing. You can also add other ingredients according to your preferences. Pepper and vinegar are also used to enhance the flavors.

4. Gazpachuelo Malagueño

Gazpachuelo Malagueno is a kind of soup made with prawns, hake, mayonnaise, and egg yolk. You can try it with slices of bread and salad. It may be a perfect dish to serve for dinner while spending a dreamy night in Malaga on a cruise.

5. Tarta Malagueña

This is a perfect dessert to end your meal on a sweet note. It's a kind of cake made with almonds, raisins, and apricot jam. You may get a hint of a cinnamon flavor also. This recipe typically uses almonds dipped in Moscatel wine.

Final Word

If you are already salivating reading about the best things to eat in Malaga, then head over to and make your plans.

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