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Exploring the Onboard Amenities of the MSC World Europa

5 exclusive amenities of MSC World Europa for the ultimate vacation. Plan your luxurious cruise trip now.

By Cruise Booking Team

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The futuristic amenities of MSC World Europa bring a luxurious cruise experience for you and your family. On a never-before feat, MSC World Europa is powered by state-of-the-art LNG fuel to deliver an environmentally sustainable experience. Packed with all ultra-modern features, MSC presents to you the future of cruise travel.

With a guest capacity of 6500, this ship blends luxury with innovation. Keep reading to learn about some of the exclusive amenities offered by the MSC World Europa Cruise.

Exclusive amenities of MSC World Europa to look out for

Launched the previous year, it is the latest high-end addition to MSC offering picturesque trips across the world.

Find below all the exclusive features you can get onboard –

1. Water Works

The cruise line has dedicated 13 whirlpools and 7 pools for guests. Here are the 3 must-have experiences onboard –

2. World Promenade

First, of its kind, World Promenade presents a visually striking view of the ocean. It runs 341 ft long and hosts a series of activities to experience. Following are some famous attractions at the World Promenade –

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3. Ultra-modern Entertainment

In the MSC World Europa, technological innovation meets the luxury of a cruise line. The results are scope for hyperrealistic entertainment. Look out for the highlights here - 

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4. Food and Drinks

In Europa, technological advancement meets culinary genius to offer all sorts of dishes. Choose from an array of different cuisines and categories that pleases your palate.

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5. Accommodations

After a tiring day of games and fun, your private space has to be special. We have that covered as well. Included in the MSC World Europa amenities, there are 19 different stateroom categories to choose from. Here are the few favourites of our patrons – 

Other MSC Signature Offerings

Here are some additional msc world europa facilities that may pique your interest –

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One thing that sets this cruise line apart is its commitment to the environment. Despite all the hi-tech amenities of MSC World Europa, it creates 47% fewer emissions than average cruises in the industry. Equipped with smart power consumption, the ship has become an icon of sustainable tourism.

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