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Explore MSC Cruises Departure Ports

MSC Cruises ports are almost in every big country or continent, with a variety of itineraries mapped to reveal the sounds, sights, and flavors of the world's most intriguing cultures. With over 300 years of experience, MSC Cruises is the world's third-largest cruise brand as well as the leader in South America, Europe, Southern Africa, and the Gulf region, with more market share and deployed ability than any other player. Experience the beauty of the Eastern and Western Mediterranean and cruise to the Canary Islands, Spain, and Portugal.

Explore the top MSC port destinations, including the Red Sea and Saudi Arabia, South America, Egypt, the magic of the Emirates and North America, the exotic Caribbean and the private island Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, the mysteries of the Nordics and Greenland, also some exclusive destination including Asia and South Africa indeed in MSC Cruises departure ports. New MSC Cruises cruise ships are pushing their ocean boundaries. 

Where Are The MSC Cruise Ports of Call?

A variety of sailings are offered by MSC cruises out of and around the Mediterranean area, with their flair for Mediterranean style. There are, however, several cruises leaving from Miami to Dubai and the Caribbean. Sailings depart from Rio de Janeiro are also offered by MSC in South America. offers qualified cruise consultants to help you learn about MSC cruise departure ports

1. Cannes

Cannes is a town located on Cote d'Azur or the French Riviera, known for its luxury hotels, shops, and the distinctive annual Cannes Film Festival. The city has a lot of natural beauty to attract tourism, including sandy beaches, luxury getaways, and thriving nightlife. In Cannes, you can go fishing and shopping and visit the harbors, the bay, the churches, and the architectural beauty of La Susquet. The city is blessed with scenic beauty, boulevards lined with palm trees, and a beautiful Mediterranean climate. 

2. Funchal

Funchal, the capital town of Portugal's Madeira archipelago, is situated on the island's south coast. The town is known as a "garden by the sea" due to green spaces such as the Garden of the Quinta do Palheiro Ferreiro and the Botanical Gardens, which contain plants from around the globe. Explore the Worker's Market, the Sacred Art Museum, and Blandy's Wine Lodge. The town is known for its wine, crafts, and appealing temperatures.

Malaga, spain Port

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3. Port Canaveral, Florida

MSC Cruises out of Port Canaveral, Orlando invites travelers to experience the excitement of Central Florida. This bustling port serves as a convenient starting point for cruisers to discover the nearby attractions of Orlando, including theme parks and space exploration centers, before setting sail to explore the enchanting destinations in the Caribbean and beyond.

Top 5 MSC Cruise Ports

Is a cruise vacation on your bucket list? Embark on a cruise with MSC to some of the world's most beautiful destinations. Discover everything you need to know about getting to the MSC ports and planning your vacation by picking your embarkation city. Is there any reason to wait? Take your pick from the ports below, choose your departure date, and sail on an unforgettable vacation!

1. MSC Cruises from Genoa

Aerial view of genoa port

Often overlooked by its more glamorous neighbors, Rome and Venice, Genoa is a splendid hilly city in Northern Italy. One of Europe's most intact old cities is Genoa, which was once the most important Mediterranean port. The art and architecture of Genoa and nearby Portofino are perfect cruise destinations. A roundabout way Genoa influenced America is that Columbus was born there.

Columbus brought European attention to the New World after establishing contact with it in 1492. The word "jean" comes from Genoa, where a cotton corduroy fabric was popular, and weavers tried to copy it in Nimes, France but came up with twill instead. Blue jeans are derived from the fabric produced in Genoa, where the word "denim" originates. Travel to Genoa or nearby Portofino on your own cruise to explore this marvelous Italian gem.

BEST MSC CRUISES FROM GENOA The best MSC cruise departing from Genoa, Italy, is the MSC Grand Voyages on the MSC Poesia, with a 22-day itinerary from Genoa to Buenos Aires.
OTHER CRUISES FROM GENOA Best Cruises from Genoa
BEST TIME TO VISIT Between late Spring through early fall

Things To Do in Genoa Italy

Best Beaches in Genoa Italy

2. MSC Cruises from Marseille

MSC Cruises from Marseille

Second in population after Paris, Marseille is one of France's oldest cities. The port of Marseille has lots to offer cruisers, including excavations that reveal dwellings from more than 6,000 years ago. In 600 BC, the Greeks founded Marseilles as a trading port, which is still an important trading port (and cruise port, too! ). The ancient city is a hub of technology businesses and tall buildings. Marseille is a French marvel where you can experience both the ancient and the modern.

BEST MSC CRUISES FROM MARSEILLE Give yourself a gift of relaxation with the best MSC Cruises to Marseille. You can choose either MSC Seaside or MSC World Europa for 2 nights and beyond.
OTHER CRUISES FROM MARSEILLE Cruises Departing from Marseille
BEST TIME TO VISIT September to November
ABOUT MARSEILLE 5 Beautiful Beaches in Marseille, France

3. MSC Cruises from Fort Lauderdale, FL

MSC Cruises from Fort Lauderdale, FL

Known as Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale's port is a hub for international trade and cruise vacations. Among the attractive destinations available from Fort Lauderdale are the Panama Canal and the Caribbean islands. The canal system of Fort Lauderdale is one of the reasons it has been called the "Venice of America". Fort Lauderdale boasts many marinas and yachts. This port and the surrounding area have developed over 75 years of service and activity.

BEST MSC CRUISES FROM FORT LAUDERDALE Experience the ultimate Caribbean adventure on the MSC Seashore, departing from Fort Lauderdale. You can also pick MSC Divina for a tropical getaway.
BEST TIME TO VISIT Between December and April
ABOUT FORT LAUDERDALE Top Reasons Cruisers Love Florida

4. MSC Cruises from Southampton

MSC Cruises from Southampton

The Mayflower sailed from Southampton to the New World, bringing pilgrims seeking religious freedom over to the New World. Southampton is extremely significant in the history of America. England's military conflicts have placed Southampton at the forefront of embarkation ports. As well as producing fighter planes during WWII, it also manufactured the Supermarine Spitfire. In addition to its maritime center status, the town has become an important manufacturing center. A cruise to Southampton, England, is sure to delight travelers intrigued by its remarkable history.

BEST MSC CRUISES FROM SOUTHAMPTON Embark on an unforgettable maritime adventure with MSC Cruises from Southampton. Discover the enchanting British coastline or set sail to explore the European wonders. Choose from a variety of itineraries and experience the impeccable service and luxurious amenities aboard MSC Virtuosa or MSC Magnifica cruise ships.
OTHER CRUISES FROM SOUTHAMPTON Cruise Packages from Southampton
BEST TIME TO VISIT Between May to September
ABOUT SOUTHAMPTON What Cruise Lines Go From Southampton

5. MSC Cruises from Abu Dhabi

MSC Cruises from Abu Dhabi

The United Arab Emirates' capital was once a small fishing village, but is now a modern, cosmopolitan city. Take a trip to Abu Dhabi and visit the Heritage Village to experience life before oil. Explore the Bedouin encampment, observe the museum exhibits, and shop in the restored traditional souq village. Take a dip in the warm, turquoise sea water at Saadiyat or Yas public beaches after relaxing on the sandy beaches. Take the world's largest handwoven carpet and gold-plated chandeliers for a tour of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque at the end of your visit.

BEST MSC CRUISES FROM ABU DHABI Live the magical arabian nights and modern landscapes of Abu Dhabi with MSC Cruises exploring the beauty of the Arabian Gulf. MSC Lirica and MSC Seaview are among the top choices, offering luxurious experiences and captivating itineraries. Experience the perfect blend of modern luxury and cultural immersion aboard these state-of-the-art cruise ships.
OTHER CRUISES FROM ABU DHABI Cruises Departing from Abu Dhabi
BEST TIME TO VISIT November to March

The Best Time to Cruise The Middle East

Top 7 Activities To Do In The Middle East While On A Cruise

MSC Cruise Port Parking

MSC Cruises offers convenient parking solutions for cruisers to ensure a hassle-free journey. The Park & Cruise service provides transfer services to and from the cruise terminals, allowing passengers to manage their parking needs easily. To access this service, individuals can explore the options on the official MSC Cruises website and book their preferred transfer package online.

Specific ports like Port Canaveral, Galveston, Kiel, and Civitavecchia have designated cruise parking lots. For example, at Port Canaveral, parking is priced at $17.00 per day for vehicles and RVs. In Kiel, passengers can select their ship and travel period to find available parking spaces and prices. The Cruise parking lot at the Port of Civitavecchia, reserved for MSC cruise passengers, is near dock 25.

Things To Know About MSC Ports

Global Presence: MSC Cruises operates globally, with 524 offices in over 155 countries and a vast network calling at more than 500 ports worldwide.

Flexible Embarkation Points: MSC Cruises offers adjustable embarkation points, allowing passengers to board at various locations globally and enhancing the accessibility and convenience of their cruise experience.

International Flair: Each MSC Cruise Port embraces an international flavor, providing passengers with a diverse and multicultural experience, making it a unique aspect of their voyages.

Mediterranean Shipping Company Background: MSC Cruises is affiliated with the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), a global shipping line founded in Italy in 1970 by Gianluigi Aponte. The cruise line is an extension of this renowned international shipping company.

Hidden Charges Awareness: Some travelers have reported potential hidden charges on MSC Cruise Ships. Travelers are advised to be aware of and inquire about potential charges during their cruise.

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MSC Cruises Departure Locations

MSC Cruises depart from various locations worldwide for different itineraries. The departure locations include:

Grand Voyages

MSC offers Transatlantic cruises for the years 2024-2025, known as Grand Voyages, departing from different locations. Exact departure points may vary based on the specific itinerary.

World Cruise 2025

MSC World Cruise 2025 has its departure locations, allowing passengers to embark on a journey worldwide. The specific departure points can be confirmed based on the chosen segments of the world cruise.

Winter Sailings 2024-2025

MSC Cruises offers winter cruises in 2024-2025, departing from various locations. The departure ports may differ depending on the selected itinerary and destination.

MSC Ships and Itineraries

MSC Cruises has multiple ships with 2024, 2025, and 2026 itineraries departing from different ports worldwide. The departure locations can be selected based on the desired cruise itinerary.

Please note that the departure location may vary based on the cruise, itinerary, and date. It is recommended to check the official MSC Cruises website or contact directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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