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Cruises from Ancona

Ancona, Italy Cruises

Ancona, Italy Cruises

Cruise to this Italian city that offers a perfect blend of architecture and beaches. Ancona has an extensive harbor and port, which is a spectacular point of disembarkation. The Marina on the western edge of the terminal has a series of fishing boats and yachts parked. You can even grab a meal at the restaurant along the way. Explore the Romanesque designs of the ancient Cattedrale di San Ciriaco located on the top of Monte Guasco. View a vast collection of artifacts, prehistoric tours, Roman coins, and pottery articles. Portonovo Bay is a serene roundabout coast with white sand and clear waters.

Interesting Spots to Visit in Ancona

Tourists have only recently discovered Ancona, situated picturesquely above the Adriatic Sea. It is common for them to appear by ferry from Croatia or Greece or to arrive on a cruise ship as part of a shore excursion to Loreto or other nearby tourist attractions. Aside from its white-sand beaches, Ancona also offers various exciting things to do, including spacious squares, churches, and historical sights.

From ancient times, Ancona, the capital of the Marches region, was an important trade center. Constantine and Trajan fortified the town and made it a naval base. Our list of the best places to visit in and around Ancona will help you explore its rich history.

1. Ancona Harbor

A walk through Ancon's harbor and port will reveal a beautiful array of ships and commercial freighters, and it's a great place to see how it works. A series of restaurants can be found along the western edge of the port, along with several fishing boats, sailing boats, and yachts. Further east, you can discover shipyards and a thriving commercial shipping sector. After passing the Mole Vanvitelliana, the cruise terminals, and finally, the iconic Arch of Trajan, you will follow along the road. 

2. Piazza Del Plebiscito

The historic town center has several important buildings in this central piazza. Ancona has several notable structures, including the Basilica di San Domenico and the Prefettura Del Ancona, as well as the ornate public library and the Museum Della Citta. In addition to the impressive architecture, there are many high-quality restaurants, cafes, and bars to enjoy. On the square's eastern side are beautiful stone steps crowned with historic statues like the marble statue of Pope Clement XII. Walking through this square is a pleasure, and several other essential attractions and monuments can also be found nearby.

3. Mole Vanvitelliana

This magnetic structure can be found in the heart of the harbor within walking distance of the cruise terminal and the Cittadella Public Park. One of Ancona's most iconic and well-known structures is this 18th-century structure that stands out against the modern port complex. In addition to having a beautiful design, the pentagonal building was initially designed as a quarantine station for leprosy patients. On top of that, an impressive monument is located in the center of the complex. The Vanvitelliana not only houses architecture, but also the Museo TattileStatale.

4. Arco Di Traiano

As part of Ancona's historical past and Roman connections, this magnificent arch stands in the center of the port area. A tribute to Trajan, who helped build Ancona, the arch was built in early antiquity. With an archway measuring 3m wide and 18m high, the Turkish marble archway is 3m tall. A beautiful stone walkway runs beside the arch, providing great views of the harbor and the port from the center of the pediment.

5. Portonovo Bay

You can reach Portonovo Bay by driving down the coast. You can take the first exit at the first roundabout by traveling along the SP1 route. On the western side of the beach are the main beach and the grand lake, while on the eastern side, you will find a smaller beach and the Church of Santa Maria di Portonovo. There is a beautiful coastline, with forests sloping down to beaches and golden sands meeting warm waters. If you would like to relax after a busy day in the city, Portonovo is the perfect place to go. Restaurants and cafes are available for refreshments if you need to park or refreshments.

When to Visit Ancona?

Good weather is most likely to prevail in Ancona in April, May, June, July, August, September, October, and November. Summers are typically warm in Ancona in July and August. However, January and February can be chilly. It rains between February and May. Generally, the best months to swim are June, July, August, and September.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ancona

The most interesting places to visit in Ancona are Harbor and Piazza della Repubblica, Cattedrale di San Ciriaco, National Archeological Museum, The Beaches of Monte Conero, Day trip to the Santuario della Santa Casa in Loreto, Piazza del Plebiscito, Touch the art at Museo Tattile Statale Omero, Roman Amphitheater, Santa Maria Della Piazza, Passetto and War memorial, and Museo Diocesano.

The cheapest time to visit Ancona is in February.

Some of the best restaurants to visit in Ancona are Al Mandracchio, Il Clandestino Susci Bar, Saviotti, Osteria Del Poggio, Opera Nova Della Marca, Agriturismo Rossoconero, Pizzeria Avalon, La Giuggiola Agriturismo, Gelateria La Golosa, and Vino E Cucina Miscia.

Ancona's Mezzavalle beach is on the way to Portonovo. Accessing the beach is challenging because it is a wild beach. Toward the parking lot, there was a path leading to the beach.

Known for its art and architecture, ancient churches, panoramic views, green parks, and excellent cuisine, Ancona has a long history and lots to offer. In Ancona, you'll find white beaches at the base of Mount Conero. One of the region's most stunning and famous beaches is located in Numana, just 20 km from the city.
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