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Cruises from Messina

Messina, Italy Cruises

Messina, Italy Cruises

Messina is an island with a rich culture located at the tip of Sicily, the island right off the coast of Southern Italy. Discover Messina, the Mediterranean's largest island, where poets and mathematicians once lived. Despite its reputation for its cuisine, the city may be best known as a tourist destination. Several people have even referred to Sicily as 'God's Kitchen. The cannoli, a favorite Italian dessert, comes from Sicily. Pecorino cheese is also made in Sicily. 

Highlights of Messina

Discover the delicious Sicilian cuisine of southern Italy in Messina, a cliffside city with historic architecture, beautiful views, and views of the island of Sicily. A few highlights of Messina are listed below.

1. Food Scene

There is a lot of pride in Sicilian cuisine. Family life is reflected in Sicilian cooking, which takes place all day. There is just as much enjoyment in preparing the region's culinary delights as in eating them. On the other side of the island, in Palermo, on the Sicilian side, cannolis are a must-try dessert. There is no antidote to a sweltering hot Messina day like eating granita, a frozen dessert. The evening ends with a seafood pasta local to the bay and a tall glass of red wine.

2. Culture and History

Despite centuries of occupation, earthquakes, and other natural disasters, Messina possesses an age-old spirit unmatched by Florence or Rome. As a result of German bombings and razings during World War II, the area suffered greatly. Despite the tragedies that struck Messina over the centuries, its residents never lost their spirits. Messina's dark past is no longer visible to cruise ship passengers. Despite many storms, tourism and the town's strategic location have buoyed its economy and population growth.

3. Shopping Scene

Shop in local markets for cheese, figs, and marzipan, which are typical products. In Galleria V. Emanuele, the world's oldest active shopping mall, you can find artisanal crafts, including coral jewelry, glazed ceramics, and delicate crocheted items. You can see artisans at work during your Sicily cruise by stopping at small shops off the main roads. Most shops and eateries are located in town rather than near the Messina cruise port. Messina's weekend markets attract a lot of locals, and Taormina is adjacent to many of the area's shopping outlets. There are many designer boutiques and artisanal stores in Piazza Cairoli.

Interesting Spots to Visit in Messina

Messina, Sicily's third largest city, has lovely panoramic views and great cultural sites. Due to its strategic location and prominent port, it has an inextricable link between the past and the present, attracting thousands of tourists annually. When in town, make sure not to miss these attractions.

1. The Bell Tower and Astronomical Clock

An astronomical clock by the Strasbourg firm of Ungerer, placed in 1933, adorns this 60-meter high bell tower rebuilt using old designs. In the figures, you can view scenes from Messina's history, such as the handing over of Madonna's legendary letter of protection each day at noon (or sometimes shortly after). Animated figures emerge from windows for 15 minutes following the show's start, which begins with a gilded lion waving a banner and roaring. Astronomical information appears on the clock face facing the church façade.

2. Piazza del Duomo

Messina's beautiful square is undoubtedly one of its most popular attractions. Located close to the port, it is often where tourists first go when visiting the city. The Fontana di Orione, an ornate water fountain with intricate sculptures, is located in the square. Additionally, there is the magnificent Duomo and imposing Bell Tower, both of which are outstanding in their own right. Furthermore, a variety of shops, restaurants, cafes, and shaded areas with benches and trees are located nearby the square, as well as several shaded areas with benches and trees.

3. Torre Faro

Torre Faro, which lies on the easternmost peninsula of the Italian mainland, is a lovely coastal village that is an ideal day trip from Messina. There are numerous attractions and opportunities for relaxation at Torre Faro, a short drive away by car. There is a beautiful beach lined with white sand and charming cafes and souvenir shops. If you're looking for adventure, you can also participate in various water sports and activities. The considerable metal lighthouse, which stands at 225m high, is one of the most impressive sights on the beach.

4. Camposanto

Due to rumors that it was built around sacred soil brought from Golgotha, the Camposanto is also known as the Holy Field. Pisa's monumental cemetery, built in 1278, is full of tombs, frescoes, modern busts, and sculptures from all eras and periods. In the middle of the lawn is an extended rectangular area with well-tended grass, which stands a dome topped with Gothic marble. It is an elegant and unique space to be found in the Camposanto. Simple blind arcading decorates the marble façade facing the cathedral. There are never-filled traceried windows on the inner walls overlooking the long courtyard.

5. Savoca

Several beautiful destinations lie close to Messina, making them ideal for half-day excursions or longer. In between Taormina and Savoca, there is the picturesque town of Savoca. An enchanting hilltop hamlet straddling two peaks on the country's eastern coast, this hamlet is named for the white flowers of the Savoca ("elder") plant. There is nothing like visiting this town to experience a quintessential Sicilian atmosphere: the elegant decay, the slow pace, the stunning scenery. Enjoy some searingly cool granita at Bar Vitelli while watching the fishing boats, the Calabrian haze, and the Strait of Messina.

When to Visit Messina?

The best months are April through June, followed by September and October. There are fewer people and mild temperatures.

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