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Cruises from Ft De France

Ft De France, Martinique Cruises

Ft De France, Martinique Cruises

Martinique offers Caribbean magic that no one should miss out on. The French West Indies' capital and largest city are Fort de France. Visit Distillerie la Favorite to taste several varieties of rum and get a real taste of the tropics. A short drive from Fort de France is Jardin de Balata, where you can admire stunning flora. Tropical plants, hummingbirds, rope bridges, and substantial tropical plants are all part of this botanical garden. In case you get hungry, there is even a restaurant on site. In Fort de France, you can learn about the island's history and its indigenous people by visiting the MuséeDépartemental de la Martinique.

Fort De France Highlights

Tourists frequently choose Fort-de-France as their first stop when arriving in Martinique. What not to miss in Fort de France: great restaurants, famous sites, and unique activities.

1. Local Shopping

In nearly every market, you can find a variety of local crafts and items such as straw goods, hats, dolls, baskets, basket weaving, and colorful Creole jewelry. Everywhere you go, whether it's a local store, a supermarket, or a boutique, you'll find French imports. A surprising amount of wine, liqueur, and crystal can be purchased for a reasonable price. In some tourist shops, you can get a substantial discount if you pay by traveler's checks. 

2. Food Scene

Its cuisine is a mix of African, French, and Creole influences influenced by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. A lot of Fort-de-France's restaurants are located near the Porte d'Afrique, where you can enjoy fish cakes, crab stuffed with spinach, or spicy salt fish.

3. History and Culture

The primary language spoken in Martinique is French since it is a French colony in the Caribbean. Although many locals who work with tourists speak English, it's helpful to learn some basic French phrases. In the 17th to 19th centuries, Britain and France fought for control of the island before the French finally claimed it in 1974. It has been redeveloped to make Fort-de-France more accessible to tourists and passersby in recent years.

Interesting Spots to Visit to Ft De France

Take advantage of Fort-de-France's exciting attractions and activities if you're looking for excitement. The dynamic nature of this city appeals to a wide range of people. Regardless of what you're into, you'll find a wide range of attractions here that will inspire you. Find out about some of the favorites by reading on.

1. Walking Tour of the Sights of Fort-de-France

It's always more interesting to hear about a place's history and legends from a local. A walking tour of downtown Fort-de-France covers the history and critical landmarks of the island's capital in two hours. There are three essential attractions you will be able to see: the Old Courthouse, St. Louis Cathedral, and La Savane Park. There's no better way of seeing the main attractions in the city than on tour!

2. The distillation process at La Favorite Distillery

A family-run distillery, La Favorite Distillery produces premium spirits. Among the few remaining distilleries in town, it's one of the oldest. Visitors to the distillery can experience exotic flavors of alcohol such as wine and rum. You can sample all of the distillery's unique products during a free tasting session. This is an excellent opportunity to see how the distillation process works up close. You can simply tour the distillery if you do not want to taste rum. There is something memorable about the entire experience. There is even evidence of a couple of workers at work. Despite its age, the machinery continues to work. While the distillery is open for tours all year round, it only operates during the harvest season between February and June.

3. Taste Unique RhumAgricole

There is a difference between regular rum and Rum Agricole. Sugar cane is directly distilled to produce RhumAgricole. There is a good chance that it comes from the French Caribbean (but it is not always the case). It is possible to make RhumAgricole anywhere. Still, it must be distilled from freshly pressed cane sugar in Martinique to qualify as RhumAgricole AOC Martinique. If you're on vacation in Martinique, there are rum tours available that include transport from and to your accommodation (or cruise ship), or you can buy some rum from the islands' supermarkets. The island of Martinique distills 12 different brands. You'll also get lunch on this fantastic tour.

4. AiméCésaire Theater

There was once a city hall building called the AiméCésaire Theater, which is devoted to the memory of AiméCésaire. He was also a writer, so a handful of historical monuments bear his name. The exteriors of the theatre are stunning, and there are a few laneways of trees and a small garden with a fountain. It looks like a truly unique building. Its beautiful neoclassical architecture dates back to the late 1900s. An attraction on its own is the four-faced clock at the top. There is nothing better than going to the theatre to see a play. There is still that old-world charm to this rustic theatre, but it has a modern twist. A high level of talent is evident in the performances, as well as an energetic performance.

5. La Francaise Beach

Just a short walk from the city, La Savane Park's shoreline, and Fort Saint Louis' fort make this a popular place to cool down. There is a clean beach within easy walking distance of the cruise port in Fort-de-France - you won't have to travel far. Don't forget to secure your valuables if you decide to spend the day at the beach. Safes that can be taken on the go are one of the things we use and recommend.

When to Visit Ft De France?

Summers are warm and rainy from June to September, but the rainy season is the wettest time of year. There are soaring prices and great crowds during the peak season from December to the end of April. Europeans tend to return home from May to the end of November when things are quieter. 

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