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Cruises from Le Havre

Le Havre, France Cruises

Le Havre, France Cruises

Le Havre is a large commercial port in Normandy that showcases its history, heritage, and art. The entire city had to be revamped by a modernist due to the damage caused during the war. St. Joseph Church is a beautiful specimen of neo-gothic art. Musée d'Art Moderne André Malraux is for the lovers of contemporary art where the painting of superior artists such as Monet are exhibited.

Le Havre Highlights

Many cruise lines stopping in Paris call at Le Havre as part of their itinerary. Seaside and nautical resorts can be found in Le Havre. Le Havre still draws many visitors yearly because of its rich historical heritage as a dynamic economic and cultural center.

1. Local Gastronomy

With various traditional Norman and modern dishes, Le Havre has become a foodie city. Due to its coastal location, Le Havre offers some of the finest fresh-caught seafood in the world. Aside from serving fresh oysters at restaurants across town, you can also order them cooked in breadcrumbs and filled with distinctive creamy cider sauce. Fish stews, such as marmite dieppoise, are Norman versions of bouillabaisses.

2. Local Market

The shopping area is divided into three main areas. Several streets of specialist shops can be found in the Halles Centrales district, which is close to the cruise port. Fashion, jewelry, and other luxury items can be found in the Saint Vincent district, and 80 outlets are located in the Coty shopping center. French delicatessens, fashion, and cheese are some of the specialty items.

3. Place History

UNESCO has recognized Le Havre's post-war architecture as a World Heritage Site after the city suffered serious devastation during WW2. During the 17th and 18th centuries, Le Havre served as a war port and trade port; it became a popular spot for those emigrating to America. Coffee and cotton were the city's main products, and semi-traditionally roasted coffee with the label 'Made in Le Havre' can still be found in the city's shops today. Recent history, however, has made Le Havre most famous for its devastation caused by World War II. AugustePerret, also known as "the concrete poet," designed a considerable renovation process for Le Havre after the city was only 2% intact and the port was destroyed. UNESCO recognized the city center as a World Heritage Site because of Perret's unusual designs.

Interesting Spots to Visit in Le Havre

You've come to the right place if you're looking for things to do in Le Havre, France. This northern city is a major port located on the English Channel and the Seine River. A cable-stayed bridge links it with its neighboring port of Honfleur. Several notable reinforced-concrete buildings have been built in the city after WWII, primarily by Belgian architect Auguste Perret.

1. The Port

Unless you're passionate about industrial infrastructure, navigating one of the world's largest shipping ports' quays and service roads might not be the thing for you. Le Havre has implemented several vast projects to accommodate the largest freight ships in the world: Find a map and try to locate the gargantuan François I lock that connects the canal system to the sea. In 1872, Claude Monet painted a view of the harbor that gave rise to the impressionist movement, giving you another reason to visit.

2. Le Havre Beach

Where would you go in a coastal city if there was no beautiful beach to enjoy your time? A blue flag has also been awarded to Le Havre's beach. Many bars and restaurants are located along the city's coast with local tasty food. The beach offers 2 km of soft sand. Fishing and snorkeling are among the many activities available to visitors. You can enjoy a fantastic view of the city and ocean from the big wheel, which offers panoramic views of the city. A children's area is available at the beach for playing volleyball or badminton.

3. The Hanging Gardens

Outdoors are fun for everyone, right? Gardens and trees are displayed in greenhouses in a former military fort known as the hanging gardens. There is no doubt that you should visit this place. What's the reason? This is why. The nautical bay of Le Harve and the sea will be visible from the best vantage point. Garden tours usually last 90 minutes and are conducted in English. The place also offers workshops for adults, junior workshops, conferences, and exhibitions. A long, calming stroll through the flower gardens is free of charge. A ticket is required for the courtyard with the complex greenhouses.

4. Le Volcan

Oscar Niemeyer designed the striking white landmark. Theatre, puppet shows, circus performances, clown shows, dance performances, and music performances are held at the magnificent Arts Center. There are two performance halls in the center, shaped like a volcano; one has 800 seats, and the other contains 125. The building's white color is highly eye-catching. Among France's most prestigious national stages, it attracts a lot of attention. The site has a vast library and a café-bar and was recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site in 2005.

When to Visit Le Havre?

Most visitors to Le Havre arrive by cruise ship throughout the year. May through October is the most comfortable months in terms of temperature. Summers in the coastal region are cooler than those in Paris because of the coastal climate.

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