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Cruises from Bari

Bari, Italy Cruises

Bari, Italy Cruises

Bari lies in the south of Italy with palm-lined promenades and is fantastic to visit on sunny days. Travel enthusiasts ogle at the medieval Old Town with its balconies and pretty courtyards. Bari port has three separate docks for ferries, freight vessels, and cruise ships. Some notable landmarks are Basilica di San Nicola, Castello Normanno-Svevo, Cattedrale di San Sabino, and the Museum of Archeology.With Bari as the gateway to Puglia, it is the second most important city in southern Italy after Naples. There is no better place to spend hours getting lost in the culture and beauty of the region than the city that exudes Italian charm.

Bari Highlights

The city of Bari is bursting with things to do. You can spend hours walking around, visiting sights, and eating some of the tastiest food you've ever had. You will also gain a better understanding of Bari with the help of the below highlights. 

1. Local Cuisine

Its cuisine is renowned throughout Puglia, the capital and a foodie's paradise. Orecchiette stuffed with tomato, mozzarella, capers, white burrata, savory panzerotti stuffed with mushrooms and mozzarella, or anything made with fresh fish caught off the coast is found at a local trattoria.

2. Shopping

The fashion scene in Bari is everywhere, from mainstream shops to trendy boutiques. From clothing and cosmetics to olive oil and wine from local sources, Via Sparano offers a great selection of stores from big brands and local labels.

Interesting Spots to Visit in Bari

The city of Bari is found at the top of the heel of Italy's boot. This city lies along the Adriatic Sea and is the largest in Puglia. This city is best known for its port, where cruisers from around the world arrive throughout the year. The city's layout is based on a grid initiated by Napoleon's brother-in-law Joachim Murat. Many historical sites can be found in the old part of the city. We have compiled a list of a few of our favorite activities in Bari, Italy;

1. Bari Castle

There are four main guard towers at this Norman castle, which was built supposedly by King Roger II in the 1100s. It is enclosed by a moat on three sides and has a central courtyard. Although the castle is enormously old, its original walls and towers remain in remarkable condition. Castles provide fantastic views of cities and are located in an elevated location west of the old town center. Besides the unique architecture, there are information boards and several interior rooms exhibiting artifacts and exhibits about the castle's history in the courtyard, passageways, and walls.

2. Bari Old Town

In contrast to the modern developments surrounding it, Bari's old town center remains remarkably intact. The modern town has a series of straight, parallel streets. In contrast, the ancientcity has narrow, cobbled streets that wind almost in a circle. Discovering the local culture and marveling at the fine buildings of the old town is an absolute pleasure when exploring the narrow streets. You might want to start at the Basilica San Nicola, walk through the side streets towards the other cathedral and the castle, and enjoy a drink at a quaint café en route.

3. Take a Bari Day Trip

Bari is the gateway to the region in the cultural and historical heart of Puglia. You would have no shortage of possible day trips from Bari if you were considering using the city as a base for exploring the surrounding area. Driving is the best way to get around Puglia. Small country villages can be hard to reach, if not impossible, by trains and buses. These destinations are within a 30-60 minute drive of Bari, including Polignano a Mare, Monopoli, Locorotundo, Martina Franca, and Alberobello. From Bari to Ostuni, it takes just over an hour. UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Castel Del Monte and Egnazia are less than an hour away from Bari.

4. Visit the town of Altamura

A pleasant hour's drive inland will bring you to the enchanting town of Altamura. Some of the original city walls still stand within the village. Altamura, a city known for its bread and a great day trip destination, can be seen in many interesting sights. One of the most attractive buildings in Altamura is the cathedral, which is located in the town center. Additionally, there are several other fantastic churches in the area. This town is a wonder to behold as you wander its winding streets.

5. Tour Teatro Petruzzelli

Despite its plain exterior, the Teatro Petruzzelli stands out from the outside. It was burned down entirely in 1991, just a few years after it was completed in 1903. This building was built in 2008 after being rebuilt. Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Liza Minnelli, and Luciano Pavarotti were just a few world-famous artists performing at the theater. You can still take a 30-minute tour even if you don't have time for a show. It offers a memorable experience, with gold accents, red seats, a giant curtain, and information about its history and art.

Frequently Asked Questions about to Bari

When you’re in Bari, eat something like crispy croissant and a cappuccino, a typical Italian breakfast or try a good cup of strong Italian coffee.

The number 1 food in Italy is Pizza, and after that pasta, arancini, focaccia, Italian cheese, Lasagna, ossobuco, and risotto.

There are plenty of things to do in Brindisi, including the history, food & wine, shopping, and scenery. Three nights are enough time to experience it all. If you intend to explore the nearby region from Brindisi and have a car, a longer stay is recommended.
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