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Cruises from Brindisi

Brindisi, Italy Cruises

Brindisi, Italy Cruises

Brindisi is a tranquil port located at the heel of Italy. The ships sail through a narrow channel into the inner harbor and dock. Centro Storico is within walking distance of the pier, where all the main attractions are located. Tourists can access most of the main sites on foot. Although, you can take the tourist train Brindisi Express. Brindisi has a quintessential Italian vibe with its piazzas and quaint cafés. Brindisi Cathedral and the Archaeological Museum are some of the hotspots in this town.

Brindisi Highlights

Located in an area of natural beauty and rich historical heritage, Brindisi is now on the itinerary of most cruise lines as one of the most popular destinations. The following highlights will give you a better understanding of it.

1. Brindisi Port

There is many piers, harbors, ports, and stations scattered around Brindisi's inlet of water, which spans from the Adriatic Sea. There is a lot of interest in this area, and it is a beautiful place to roam around and explore on foot. In the Via Ettore Ciciriello and the Via del mare, for example, there is an excellent view of the Naval base and some of the smaller shipping operations. The Monument to the Italian Soldiers can be found on the opposite side of the port, and on the north side, there is a picturesque marina, home to quaint fishing and sailing vessels. A visit to Brindisi would not be complete without a visit to the port.

2. Local Market

Brindisi's local culture is still alive, so you'll find many fantastic local markets selling excellent fresh products. This market, located on the corner of Via Pace Brindisina and Via Santa Maria Ausiliatrice, is one of the most famous in the city. The stalls sell fresh fruit, vegetables, and seafood. You will be overwhelmed by the market's scents, sights, and sounds. Take a look at a Brindisi market if you want to know how the locals live and trade!

3. Brindisi Foods

Visiting Brindisi would not be complete without tasting the local specialties. Seaside towns naturally have a variety of seafood specialties, such as fresh fish and shellfish. Orecchiette is another typical Puglian dish sauteed with olive oil, garlic, and anchovies and topped with chickpeas or turnip sprouts. Don't miss the tomato and mozzarella omelet on a fried loaf of bread. In addition to a burrata cheese, typical of Puglia, you can add other cheeses. Last, we have "spumone," a bar of frozen chocolate, hazelnut, and stracciatella dessert.

Interesting Spots to Visit

Brindisi and the Salento region offer a unique experience filled with emotions and color, ranging from the crystalline blue waters of the Adriatic to the ancient olive groves that dot the landscape. Apart from these, there are several other interesting spots to visit.

1. Alberobello

Individuals who enjoy independent exploration will enjoy this tour. A coach ride to Alberobello takes an hour from Bari. UNESCO World Heritage sites can be explored in plenty of time once you arrive in town. Take a walk in the city's streets, looking for a souvenir, or explore the charming "Trulli" homes with their white "pinnacle" cap or sphere. To return to your ship and port, be at the pick-up location on time.

2. A Day Trip to Lecce

It takes less than 40 minutes to reach this region's most renowned city, Lecce, from Brindisi. Those who do not have their own transportation can take a train or bus between the two cities. In Lecce, you will find beautiful architecture dubbed the Florence of the east. The ancient Roman Amphitheatre and the Church of San Giovanni Battista are notable buildings. The Castello built by Charles V is also nearby, as is the Piazza del Duomo, which contains some sublime buildings. Besides the beautiful buildings, Lecce also has lovely places to eat and drink, making it a fantastic place to spend a day.

3. Pontificia Basilica Cattedrale

Brindisi Cathedral has been a Basilica since the 11th century and is the city's main religious structure. An unusual exterior and a charming square surround this cathedral in the heart of the old town. The cathedral's front façade boasts a series of opulent stone statues and an ornate bell tower in Romanesque style. Whitewashed columns topped with stucco plasterwork support the central aisle of this beautiful cathedral. St. Theodore's remains are kept in a side chapel and a beautiful stained glass window at the main altar.

4. Castello Alfonsino di Brindisi

Isola Sant'Andrea sits on the northern edge of the port and is surrounded by this historic castle. As a fortified entrance to the port of Brindisi, the castle was constructed in the 16th century. As well as tower keeps, walkways, and battlements offering fantastic views of the Adriatic Sea, the structure is adorned with different towers, preserves, and balconies. The castle also has a charming enclosed port accessed by a single arch in the center. Discover this important piece of the island's history by visiting this castle while exploring Saint Andrea's Island.

5. Monument to Italian Sailors

One of the most iconic structures in the city, the monument to Italian Sailors, is situated opposite the historical old town. The Rudder stands proudly among the surrounding landscape and resembles a ship's rudder. There is a chance to climb to the top of the 53-meter tall statue for a 360-degree panoramic view of Brindisi because it was built in 1933. The surrounding park can also enjoy a great view of the harbor.

Frequently Asked Questions about to Brindisi

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