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Departure Ports

Cruises from Safaga

Safaga, Egypt Cruises

Safaga, Egypt Cruises

Cruise ports in Safaga, Egypt, are gateways from which pilgrims can reach Saudi Arabia and Mecca, about three hours south of Luxor. In ancient times, the merchant port was called Philotera after an Egyptian princess, and its roots can be traced back to 282 B.C. Because of its proximity to the Red Sea, Safaga has always been a popular tourist destination, especially for divers, windsurfers, and sunbathers. The mineral springs and seawater in the area may also ease rheumatoid arthritis. The granite quarries of Mons Claudianus, mined during the Roman Empire, are accessible from Safaga. This makes an excellent starting point for trips to the Eastern Desert and the Granite Quarries of Safaga.

Highlights of Safaga

Satyrus founded the city between 282 BC and 268 BC. According to legend, its name comes from Philotera, the sister of Pharaoh Ptolemy II Philadelphus, who passed away. Philoterida was also known as Philoterus of Byzantium. Safaga City has proven to be an essential therapeutic tourism destination through research on unique medical research. Safaga had a long history as a merchant port. Scuba diving is one of the town's leading industries. A world championship in windsurfing was held there in 1993.

Interesting Spots to Visit

Located on the eastern shores of the Red Sea, Safaga is a vibrant city. Several attractions are available in this coastal city, including resorts, restaurants, movie theatres, recreational facilities, museums, boutiques, and bars. Dive, snorkel, hike, bike, canoe, boat, explore, birdwatch, and soak up the sun are just some activities to indulge in. Some famous tourist destinations are Palm De Soma, Tubia Island, Jazirat Safajah, Sentido Palm Royale Resort Soma Bay, and others. Discover what to do in Safaga, Egypt, by reading below.

Panorama Reef

Safaga is located close to Panorama Reef, an attractive reef formation. There are several coral reefs in the region, but this is one of the largest. The walls of Panorama Reef go nearly two hundred meters deep. There are many dive spots in the Red Sea, but this is one of the most popular. An interesting shape is formed by several reefs that form an amphitheater. Here, the water is transparent, and there is a very diverse and beautiful underwater world. There are salmons and sharks here, barracudas and morays, stingrays and funny clownfish, and even butterflyfish on an underwater journey here.


Safaga beaches became popular with windsurfers in the 1990s. The legendary world championships have drawn thousands of windsurfing enthusiasts to this resort. Besides water sports enthusiasts, Safaga is also popular among divers and people who enjoy exploring the sea bottom. A magnificent coral reef in the Red Sea awaits all guests of the town. It is impossible to see all the coral reefs simultaneously because they are numerous. It is always possible for guests to rent diving equipment directly on the beach.

Makadi Bay District

A stunning natural bay lies at the heart of the luxurious Makadi Bay resort. Undoubtedly, this bay is one of the most gorgeous places ever. In addition to sandy beaches, the area is known for its snorkeling and swimming spots. There are over 20 hotel complexes located directly on the sandy beach at the site, allowing you to choose from various accommodation options. Much peace and tranquility can be found in the Makadi Bay district, unlike any other town in Egypt. This area is located on Safaga city's Red Sea Riviera and offers a beautiful beach getaway destination.

Mini Egypt Park

There is something very charming about the Miniature Museum, and its artistic quality should not be underestimated. Furthermore, it offers an extended learning environment for schools and an excellent outing for parents with children. As an adult hobby, it is not suited to children. Children should be accompanied by adults when they visit the Museum rather than coming alone. In real life, this hobby will be advantageous to the new generation of college-going adults. There are 60 works of art in the Miniature Museum by well-chosen artists. Ancestors have been giving them gifts for years and years. Mini Egypt Park's art collection is accompanied by a story about how it came to be there. You can tour this great country with a guide at Mini Egypt Park. From Cairo to Luxor, they can walk in a few hours! There are several places to visit, including Abu Simbel temple and High Dam at Aswan, Edfu temple, and the legendary Luxor, where they can see the famous Karnak temple, Giza, the great Pyramids, and the Sphinx.

Dolphin World

A Red Sea Riviera staple, Dolphin World is an entertaining family attraction. Experience dolphins' incredible skills through dancing, singing, juggling, playing ball, jumping, and even painting- an interactive show. Families can choose from various budget-friendly plans to help them enjoy the vacation. Ask about the family packages with show, swimming, and photos with lovely dolphins. A dolphin interacts with a child while they undergo "Dolphintherapy" to correct and rehabilitate special development needs. An outdoor family entertainment experience on the Red Sea, the Dolphin World Show is one of the most popular tourist attractions on the island. Our dolphin shows will captivate and amaze visitors with a variety never before seen on an outdoor pool. These beautiful sea creatures demonstrate their super-intelligence through various circus acts. Among Africa and the Middle East's most skilled trainers, we train our marine animals.

When to Visit?

In September and December, Safaga weather ranges from 45°F to 102°F, making these months an ideal time to visit. Getting around Safaga is easy with the nearby transportation system. Precipitation is expected to average 1.04 mm on average.

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