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Coastline of Turkey
Coastline of Turkey

The Best Time to Cruise the Middle East

Know the best time to cruise the Middle East and visit various countries on a cruise.

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The Middle East has emerged as a preferred destination for cruise enthusiasts. Whether it is food, luxurious hotels, or broad Mediterranean landscapes, all the factors have made it a leading tourist attraction globally.

The 'royal' flavor of the Middle East makes each memory of a cruise in this region unique. So when you plan a cruise, one of the first things you're likely to wonder is the best time to do it.


So what is the best time to cruise Middle East? Here is a brief guide to help you in your upcoming endeavor.

Know the Best Time to Cruise the Middle East

Here’s an overview, which may help you to chalk out a plan for your next trip more efficiently.

January to February

Some countries like Egypt, Oman, and Jordan usually have a harsh winter season in these two months. In Israel and Turkey, you may get to enjoy snowfall with rain. You can experience the beauty of wintery nights in these months. The month of February is that of festivals as Purim and Muscat Festival are observed in this month.


This is the month when nature begins to make a fresh start with beautiful blooms. Especially in Iran and Oman, mother nature starts to reveal her colorful self. In Iran, it's the time to celebrate the famous traditional festival 'Nowruz'. Although in Turkey, you may experience winter. Later this month, you may be able to witness the Easter celebrations if you visit Israel.

April to May

This is a period when you may notice comforting weather all over the region. Whether it's Oman, Jordan, Dubai, or Egypt, travelers may get pleasant weather in each Mediterranean country. This is one of the best times to cruise Middle East.

June to August

There is high tourist footfall in these months. This is the summer season all over the Middle East region. There are temperatures of more than 40 degrees Celsius in some countries. In Jordan, you will get to enjoy the Jerash Festival during this period.


This is the month when the weather in the Middle East starts shifting towards autumn. Moreover, it is the time of autumn harvest. Rosh Hashanah is one of the leading festivals of this period organized in Israel.


There is pleasant weather in this region during this month. October is ideal for tourism.

November to December

In Bethlehem, as in the rest of the world, you will be able to witness the magical Christmas celebration. During this time, you may experience the beginning of winter in countries like Turkey and Israel. The magical vibe you will get with the wintery night is unimaginable.

Summing Up

Being primarily a desert region, the harshness of the weather is evident. However, there are times to cruise Middle East when the temperature is comfortable. If you are planning a trip, head over to for the best itinerary and pricing.

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