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Best foods to Eat on a Canada & New England Cruise

Discover the best of Canada and New England cuisine on your cruise with this special food guide. Your cruise can’t get any better!

By Cruise Booking Team

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Can you imagine cruising in Canada and New England and experiencing the fall foliage in all its vibrant shades of orange, yellow, and red? Excited for all the museum visits to recall the momentous events of the American Revolution in Boston or the famed shipwrecks off the coast of Nova Scotia? These are fantastic, but the exquisite, regional delicacies rooted in the history of these ports are the real hidden jewels you need to try on your next trip through Canada and New England!


When traveling to new regions, knowing which popular local food to try might be tad bit difficult. So allow this gastronomic guide to help you in your next Canada and New England cruise. Learn what to eat on Canada and New England cruise.

The Best Foods to Try on Your Canada and New England Cruise

1. Chicken Meal Poutine

Fine dining options in Halifax start from haute cuisine to authentic fish-and-chip stands by the side of the roads. It is the perfect place if you are looking for the top things to eat on your Canada and New England Cruise.

If you get the opportunity to visit Halifax, go to Fredie's Fantastic Fish House and try out the fish and chips, or go to 2 Doors Down. It serves some of the best Canadian comfort foods, like the traditional chicken meal poutine.

2. Poutine and tourtiere

Poutine and tourtière are two of Québec City's most famous meals, and you should definitely give both of these a try. It is a French fry-based dish with sauces and cheese curds. This side dish goes well with tourtière, a typical Québécois meat pie consisting of minced pork, beef, or wild game.

3. Boston Baked Beans

If you are searching for something quick, go to Boston Chowda Co., situated in Faneuil Hall. In case you have time, visit Ned Devine's, popular for its soup. Few cities are as good at both as Boston.

Furthermore, before you leave Boston, do not forget to try Boston baked beans. These are some of the best foods to eat on Canada and New England Cruise when docking in Boston.

4. Black Mussels

Have you noticed the black mussels strewn throughout the beach? These aren't commonly found on the menus of restaurants on the island. Instead, they usually serve cultured muscles. These muscles grow in mesh stockings of long lines of ropes in the cold waters of Prince Edward Island.

The natives claim that cultured mussels are sweeter, plumper, less gritty, and have more meat than wild mussels. If you enjoy these briny black beauties with a sea flavor, you owe yourself a large bowl of mussels from this mussel paradise. (There's a terrific souvenir: a "muscle" t-shirt with a large design that says "Mussel shirt.")

5. Bagels

The qualities of a Montreal bagel, one of the finest things to come out of a paper bag, are light, eggy, somewhat sweet, and just the right amount of chewy. Montreal's bagels are distinct from their New York City equivalents and have been imported by New York City establishments. Bagels are unmissable on the list of top things to eat on Canada and New England cruise.

Thanks to honey-infused soaking, they're slightly sweet, with a larger hole and a lighter texture. To achieve crusty bagel perfection, each bagel is hand-rolled and roasted in a wood-fired oven.

Summing it Up

If you are planning a cruise trip, and good food is one of your primary criteria, then knowing what to eat on Canada and New England cruise can help to narrow your search. Book your spot on a New England and Canada cruise today with!

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