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Lobster Rolls
Lobster Rolls

Top 5 Nova Scotia Dishes

Discover the 5 best local foods to try in Nova Scotia for a unique and authentic culinary experience.

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Nova Scotia, is known for its stunning coastal scenery and delicious seafood. Local food in Nova Scotia is unique, fresh, flavorful, and definitely worth a try. As a visitor you have to try the array of local foods available here. There are various foods specific to this region, and we have highlighted five of them for you here. From Digby scallops to Halifax donairs, these dishes will give you a true taste of Nova Scotia cuisine.


List of Regional Dishes of Nova Scotia You Must Try

1. Digby Scallops

These scallops are among the must-try foods in Nova Scotia. They are harvested from the clear waters off the coast of Nova Scotia and are considered some of the best scallops in the world. You can enjoy them pan-fried, baked, or grilled. Many local restaurants feature them on their menus, so be sure to give them a try!

2. Halifax Donairs

The donair is a local dish that was created in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It is made with spiced meat (usually beef) that is cooked on a spit and then thinly sliced. The meat is served on a pita with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and sauce. You can find donairs at many late-night food spots around Halifax. They make for a delicious and filling meal! You can pair it with a local beer for the perfect Nova Scotia experience.

3. Lobster Rolls

Another seafood favorite from Nova Scotia is lobster rolls. These sandwiches are made with fresh lobster meat that has been cooked and then mixed with mayonnaise, celery, and spices. The mixture is then placed on a toasted bun and served with butter. You can find lobster rolls at many seafood restaurants along the coast. For the best lobster rolls, head to The Canteen in Halifax. They serve up delicious lobster rolls that will make you swoon.

4. Lunenburg Pudding Chomeur

One of the top local foods - Lunenburg Pudding is a savory dish and not sweet, as the name might suggest. It is prepared using pre-cooked sausage (pork and beef) with onions and mixed spices. The pudding is then slow-cooked in a double boiler. Once cooked, it is served with boiled potatoes on the side. You can find this dish at many of the restaurants in Lunenburg.

5. Nova Scotia Oatcakes

If it is snack time and you need something filling, try some Nova Scotia oatcakes. These cookies are made with oats, flour, butter, and sugar and have a sweet and salty flavor. They are then baked in the oven until they are golden brown. Oatcakes make for a delicious snack or dessert and can be found at many bakeries around Nova Scotia. These oatcakes are best coupled with a cup of coffee.


We hope you enjoy trying these local foods from Nova Scotia. Each one is unique and offers a delicious taste of the province. So, while planning your next cruise holiday, include this citylist in your itinerary since there will be much to see, do and eat.

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