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A Guide to Cruise Ship Laundry Services

Looking for information on cruise ship laundry services? Our comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about getting your laundry done onboard.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Laundry on cruise ships is an essential service as most people on a cruise, want to look nice and dress smart, this is why they are a very important aspect of a cruise. They provide different types of laundry options, depending on the ship.


Continue reading to get a clear concept about cruise ship laundry services.

Laundry on Cruise Ship: The Ultimate Guide

1. Self Service Laundry on Cruise Ships

Many people prefer taking care of their own clothes. A cruise ship laundry room is perfect for them. They can make use of the room any time and do their own laundry. Some people are also allergic to certain detergents, so it is safe for them to carry their own detergent and wash their clothes the way they prefer.

Self-service laundries are highly convenient and may even help you gain access to an iron and an ironing board. Most of them also provide 24 hours service for your comfort.

2. Paid Laundry Inclusive Of Dry Cleaning

Most cruises provide guests paid laundry and dry cleaning services. You will not have to visit the cruise ship laundry room yourself in this case. The house cleaning department will provide the service and will come and pick up your clothes from your room.

These services can be quite helpful and relaxing.

3. Outfit Ironing

Cruise ship laundry services also include simple ironing services. If you have any clothes that require a final touch before you wear them, get the press services of the cruise.

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4. Free Cruise Ship Laundry Services

Some cruise lines offer complimentary laundry services for their VIP Loyalty members. This is a big benefit if you are an avid cruiser.

5. Turnaround Time

The time taken for the cruise ship laundry depends on the service that you opt for. Usually, most cruise lines offer to return your clothes the next day. However, if you want to get your clothes on time, you can choose the express laundry service. Some cruise lines return your clothes on the same day without any additional charge, if you hand over your laundry early morning.

The Bottom Line

Vacation must be fun and carefree where you should look good and have a great time. Having the option of cruise ship laundry services gives you more time to enjoy your vacation. If you have a big, happy family, it will be wise for you to opt for laundry packages, and go home with clean clothes. Visit to get an idea about the cruise lines you can book and find out about the laundry services as well.

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