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What to do if You Miss Your Cruise?

Are you planning a cruise? Check the pointers to know what to do if you miss your cruise.

By Cruise Booking Team

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While travelling on a cruise, one thing that you want to avoid at any cost is arriving late. To avoid it, you might need to take extra care of your time management and pay attention to the local time. The cruise line has a schedule to keep and it’s important to remember they will not wait for late guests. However, in the unlikely event that you do miss your cruise, then there are a minimal number of things you can do.

So, what happens if you miss your cruise ship? And what you are supposed to do if it happens.

5 Pointers to Remember if You Miss Your Cruise

Here is the list of things you can do to make up for your late arrival on your cruise.

1. Locate a Port Agent

Most cruise lines have port agents at the port area for passengers running late. If you show up late or are recorded missing from the cruise, then you should locate a port agent. The port agent can help guide you on next steps.

2. Make a Few Calls

If you have reached the port after your ship's departure, then you can always make calls to the ship. You can contact any appropriate person on that cruise or dial the customer care number. They will assist with all possible needs, and you can also ask if you can join them at the next port. They might also aid with temporary lodging and travel arrangements, but this may be at your expense.

3. Make Travel Arrangements

In case you decide to join your cruise in an alternative port, you need to make travel arrangements. Your travel insurance provider or the cruise line might help you with the arrangements. However, this may come at a cost to you.

4. Reimbursement for Missing a Cruise

A few travel insurance plans might reimburse your cost if you miss connections. However, this is variable with policies.

5. Relax

So, if you want to avoid mismanagement, this stress then keep an eye on your watch and leave plenty of time for transportation to and from the ship. Here are a few things that can be done to avoid delay –

If you miss your cruise, there are ways to meet up with the ship. Sometimes it’s possible to board a tender that will bring you to meet the ship. As mentioned above, you call the authorities or locate a port agent to solve problems. You can also seek all the opportunities to board at an alternative port, and you can still enjoy your journey and make the most of your vacation.

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