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Cruises from Palma De Mallorca

Palma De Mallorca, Spain Cruises

Palma De Mallorca, Spain Cruises

Palma is a resort city on the Spanish island of Mallorca in the Western Mediterranean. With its lively but laid-back atmosphere, this city offers high-end shopping, street-side cafes, and beautiful Spanish architecture. A city full of culture, heritage, and various sights can be found throughout the entire island of Mallorca, from castles and ruins to cathedrals and monasteries, as well as mansions and parks, to art walkways and galleries.

Palma de Mallorca's Highlights

This ancient Roman city is adorned (literally) from top to bottom with historical sites and architectural brilliance. Stroll the cobblestone paths and alleyways surrounding the Gothic cathedral to travel back in time. Palma, the island's largest and most populated city, showcases Mallorca's finest restaurants, shops, nightlife, and art scenes. Take a European cruise to see more of Palma!

1. Lifestyle and Culture

Palma de Mallorca has a stylish elegance and is timeless, from the dramatic coastlines to the sunlit churches and streets of the Old District that keep you engaged and entertained during the entire day. The Palma city is popular for its cuisine, nightlife as well as rich history and culture. You can see a modernist masterpiece, the elegant Gran Hotel, now a cultural center, and the stunning Bellver Castle, located on a hillside. Whether walking the tree-lined Paseo del Borne or shopping at the famous flower market, La Rambla will introduce you to the locals. To the north of the city, there is the charming village of Valldemossa, surrounded by pine and almond forests.

2. Local Cuisine

Palma de Mallorca's cuisine is a whole other world, despite Mallorca technically being part of Spain. Get your fill of Mallorca's version of ratatouille, the vegetarian stew tombet. Experience the unique coca mallorquina at Palma de Mallorca, a crusty flatbread pizza topped with roasted red peppers and seasoned with olive oil.

3. Past and Present

Around 120 BC, Palma was founded by Romans. The Byzantines likely controlled the city during this period after the fall of Rome, until they were replaced by the Moslems in the 10th Century. The island was attacked frequently by Vikings and pirates during this turbulent period. The city was renamed Palma de Mallorca by James I of Aragon in the 13th Century. The Balearic Islands were created in 1833, and Palma was named their capital.

Its architectural treasures provide a fascinating exposition of Palma's fascinating history, and the city is a beloved tourist destination today. An excellent destination for the entire family, Palma is known for its magnificent cathedrals, narrow streets, and numerous boutiques.

4. Entertainment and Activities

Take a moment to sample the gastronomy of Spain while you're in Palma de Mallorca by visiting a tapas bar. You will be able to enjoy the many Mallorcan flavors in a relaxed, small-plate-style dining experience. The flavors of each dish will captivate you, just like the sights of Mallorca. Combined with the island's Mediterranean climate, steep terrain, and abundant sunlight, the conditions are ideal for producing distinctive, eminently satisfying wines. These delicious wines have recently gained prominence in Spain's wine culture.

Interesting Spots to Visit in Palma de Mallorca

A beautiful beach, mountain views, and sun-loving residents are just a few attractions in Palma de Mallorca. On your cruise port day, visit these spots to understand this city and its beautiful island better.

1. The Dragon’s Lair

To explore the Dragon’s Lair, head on the island's east side to Porto Cristo. Here you’ll find the Cuevas Del Drach, which means Dragon Caves. In reality, there are no actual dragons. Still, the columns and pillars of the antiquecovert cave make us imagine. If you'd like to cruise along the cave's underground lake, you can listen to violin music while being serenaded. 

2. Soller Train

One of the best ways to explore Palma is on this “Tren de Soller.” It is not an ordinary train, and it’s a vintage electric train that’s been running through the rugged interior of the countryside since the 1920s. It goes to Soller from Palma, a small gorgeous little village on the northwestern coast. The ride on this old-fashion train lasts 1 hour and has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Palma. This village is famous for its beautiful ceramics, jewelry, and bakers, all crammed around a bustling central square.

3. Valldemossa

Valldemossa is an old stone city in the Tramuntana Mountains, next to an ancient monastery. Here visitors can enjoy nature and learn about the arts. In centuries past, artists such as Frederic Chopin, George Sand, and Rubén Daro have been inspired by the beauty of Valldemossa.

4. Beaches of Palma

The beaches of Mallorca are plentiful. You can find a piece of the coast for every type of beach lover, from long stretches of coastline with golden sand and turquoise waters to secluded coves with rocky shorelines. Mallorca has some excellent beaches including Portals Nous, CalaFormentor, Port de Pollença, Playa de Muro, Camp de Mar, Playa d'Alcúdia, and Sant Elm.

5. La Seu Cathedral

One of the most defining landmarks of Palma de Mallorca is La Seu Cathedral. The size of the cathedral is impressive, with beautiful golden sandstone color giving it a striking look. It stood beside the blue of the sea and was built on the former site of a Moorish mosque. The construction of La Seu Cathedral was started after King James I conquered the Balearic Islands in the 13th Century. Moreover, this cathedral took more than 400 years to complete and is currently a great example of Gothic architecture.

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