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How to book shore excursions on celebrity cruises?

Looking to book a shore excursion on Celebrity Cruise? Find out how to book it and what are the things to consider.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Celebrity Cruises have designed a multi-faceted shore excursion. These shore excursions have been specially built on accessibility, multi-day basis to extended overnight stays. An excursion that is all-inclusive and exclusive too, created to suit the needs of everyone on board. You can enjoy all-alone private tours with your special tourist guide, or engage in similar interest group excursions.

How to book shore excursions on celebrity cruises?

Keep scrolling to know how to book the best-suited shore excursion for you on the Celebrity Cruises.

Booking a Celebrity Cruise

Here are some things that can help you book the best cruise tour on a Celebrity Cruise ship:

  • Celebrity Cruises offers three different types of shore excursions. To book a shore excursion, you can visit the official site of Celebrity Cruises. You will find the price lists and different itineraries of shore excursions on Celebrity Cruises.
  • The ship offers you a private excursion, which is a tour you can create on your own, and tailor to best suit your interests. Besides, there is an array of exclusive amenities for you to enjoy. Moreover, you will have the provision of a personal driver to drive you to the most happening places in the port destinations. 
  • Thereafter, the small group discoveries excursion is designed for a few individuals. These are unique in facilitating tours for people enjoying a similar interest. And, last but not the least, the destination highlights excursion promises by leading you to see iconic and must-visit landmarks of the destination.

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What things to consider while booking shore excursions on Celebrity Cruise?

Follow the headers provided below, to avoid any hiccups in your cruise trip and to ensure a lifetime of an experience:

Check for the captain’s recommendation

  • Celebrity Cruises have opened up new and unique Captain-curated shore excursions.
  • The Captain-curated tours are a special shore excursion tour to cooking lessons in Olympia, a foot-food walking tour in Mykonos, pottery classes in Rhodes, the old town of Corfu, and more exciting ports. As a person of value who travels more and has more experience of the shores, excursions recommended by him are a must-to-follow.
  • Itineraries for captain-curated excursions are for smaller groups of people. These are highly custom-tailored tours made to offer you the best experience and the uniqueness of it all.
  • Book your tickets in advance It is recommended to book your excursion tickets before boarding the ship. Advance booking helps to keep your day organized. You can check out all the essentials that you may carry.

Know what interests you

  • Celebrity Cruise offers a plethora of mesmerising and unique shore excursions. These excursions are made of a diverse mix of different activities. These activities take into account — serving the interests of all passengers on board. 
  • A rainbow of activities are offered — from rejuvenating spas for your mind and body, sampling the finest culinary delights, experiencing local traditions and cultures, aquatic adventure sports, wildlife tours, panoramic views of forests and volcanoes, to sightseeing iconic sites of the destinations. 
  • Choose the perfect excursion that fits right for you, by discovering the different excursion trips offered by Celebrity Cruises. Knowing ahead of the kind of tours it offers and finding the ones that you consider worth visiting, will help make your trip a uniquely memorable one. 


Before venturing on any excursion tour, do take a close look at the reviews and testimonials of other visitors. This will help you carefully choose your option. Therefore, know what drives your interests and make the best choice of the multiple exciting shore excursion tours. Also,  check the itineraries of different tours. This will keep you aware and will let you know what’s coming your way at the destination ports.

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