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Tips for First-Time Cruisers on the MSC World Europa

Looking for tips and tricks for your first cruise? This article will give you the best MSC World Europa cruise tips.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Your first cruise should be a cost-worthy and memorable one. As a first-cruiser of MSC World Europa, you must know all the amenities offered onboard so that you can plan before you cruise accordingly.

Tips for first-time cruisers on MSC World Europa

Read on to know the best tips to onboard an MSC World Europa cruise for making your experience unforgettable.


MSC World Europa features include various accommodation options to suit your needs including special fares according to age and other criteria.

1. Free accommodation for kids 

Kids can travel free throughout the year on most cruises. Children below 18 years of age are not charged a cruise fare, if they share the cabin with their parents. However, the cost of registration, port taxes, and flight fares are not included in the offer.

2. Accommodation for age above 65 years

If your age is above 65 years and so is your partner's, this cruise offers a special fare of a 5% discount on suites with partial ocean view and a discount of 10% on suites with a balcony.

Onboard activities for all ages

MSC World Europa features include the best onboard activities for everyone. Kids, family, and even people traveling solo can enjoy it to the fullest. Choose from the below-mentioned tips for the MSC World Europa cruise for the type of entertainment that suits your desires.

1. Aurora Borealis Aqua Park

This aqua park can become a favorite spot for kids. The virtual reality technology makes the aqua park even more exciting with four water slides and numerous fun activities. This park is for all ages but especially kids will enjoy it more.

2. Lego Room

MSC world Europa is popular for an entire room dedicated to Lego fans. The room is a play area for kids aged 3 to 11 and is filled with Lego bricks along with numerous thrilling activities. It will be an unforgettable experience for kids.

3. MSC Foundation Centre

MSC cruises have tapped into the eco-conscious space by providing awareness about the environment. The foundation center uses a 3D aquarium as an attractive yet educational activity to help children learn about the importance of our environment.

4. The World Theatre

The World Theater hosts five shows on the central theme of sustainability, sea, and exploration. It has 1153 seats, and the clothes of the performers are made with recycled materials. Enjoy the mesmerizing combination of art and lED visuals in this theater.

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5. Panorama Lounge

This place offers both creativity and entertainment. This lounge offers musical experiences to enjoy with your drinks. During the day, the entire floor transforms into a coloring book to paint while at night you get to experience music and enjoy various dance performances of different styles.

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Conceptual eateries

MSC World Europa has integrated innovation into everything it offers. With its futuristic ideas, it makes your experience worthy of the money you pay.

1. Chef’s Garden Kitchen

This is the first hydroponics garden on the sea. MSC World Europa has maintained its ethos of connecting nature and its importance in every activity onboard. This kitchen offers you specialty dishes by celebrity chef, Niklas Ekstedt.

2. La Pescaderia

You can choose from the selection of fish from the fresh fish display for your preparation or can just order from the go-to option. La Pescaderia adds to the uniqueness of the MSC World Europa dining experience by prioritizing the preferences of travelers. It serves Mediterranean preparations as a specialty.

3. Raj Polo Tea House

This vintage-style tea house will take you back in time. It is a perfect blend of English and Indian tea traditions giving your family a perfect start for the day. Other items like iced tea and cocktails fulfill all your morning tea requirements.

4. Venchi 1878

As a result of its ongoing partnership with the MSC cruise line, this world-famous chocolatier allows you to indulge in the finest chocolate onboard. A place that attracts all age groups is definitely a place to visit onboard.

Additional tips for your first cruise

Apart from the above-mentioned MSC World Europa cruise tips, below are the additional tips you need to know to plan your first cruise.

1. Luggage Restrictions

MSC cruise does not allow passengers to carry more than two suitcases. The weight of the luggage should not exceed 50.7 lbs. Other than this, MSC does not allow people to carry scissors, alcohol, candles, and drones.

2. MSC offers status matching

If you have achieved loyalty program status with a different cruise line, then you can apply for an MSC cruise for a match of status with the MSC Voyagers club. MSC cruise line offers this only once and you should complete it ten days before departure.

3. Cruise app

You can use the cruise app to connect with passengers onboard. The app offers a variety of features, including news, both local and international. The app does not require any internet and you can download it before cruising.

4. Cruise card

You can pay onboard with the MSC's cruise card. Guests can head to the activation points onboard for activating their cruise cards via their debit, credit, or prepaid cards. The time limit starts from the day you embark on the cruise ship to 11 pm on the next day.

5. Pre-cruise cost

You can skip your pre-cruise shopping and avail yourself of the pre-cruise purchase deals offered by the MSC cruise line. This involves various discounts on drinking packages, spa treatments, and internet packages.

These tips for the MSC World Europa cruise will help you understand what goes on in the cruise line before you even board it; hence, you can choose the best and plan accordingly for your first cruise.

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