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How to get deals on luxury cruises?

Are you afraid of going on a luxury cruise for the expenses? Guess what, you can cut costs with great deals on such cruises. Here top 8 tips that can help you here.

By Cruise Booking Team

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While going on a cruise vacation can be a dream for many, only a few make it. The expenses of luxury cruises scare most people, which prevents them from enjoying a voyage. However, it will surprise you to know that there are ways to cut costs, which can allow you to enjoy a luxury cruise holiday under budget.

How to get deals on luxury cruises?

Are you wondering about the ways to save while enjoying a perfect luxury cruise holiday? Here are the Top 7 tips to get deals on luxury cruises.

Tip 1: Consider smart booking

Research to find out the best time to book your cruise. In most cases, luxury cruises offer their best prices early and slowly increase them as ships start selling out. Early booking can therefore be beneficial. On the other hand, in rare cases, the cruise ship might lower its prices at the last minute if there are many unsold cabins. Moreover, avoiding the holiday season can also help you get better deals on luxury cruises.

Tip 2: Search for promotions

It is more difficult for cruises to get bookings as flights. Therefore, they often rely on extra-value promotions. Many cruise lines occasionally offer free airfares, complimentary shore tours, beverage packages, and exciting discounts. Keeping track of these can help you find the right kind of offers. These are effective for getting good service at a limited price on luxury cruises.

Tip 3: Choose entry-level cabins

Booking an entry-level cabin can help you save a fortune on a cruise vacation. While there are comprehensions related to such cabins, they are not always suffocating windowless rooms. In luxury cruises, these come with proper windows and even balconies at times, with reasonably sized bedrooms. You will receive all the personal services despite paying less than other cabins.

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Tip 4: Consult a travel agent

Travel agents are professional in planning holidays, and they have been doing it for years. They have a better understanding of the right times to book a cruise, their best promotions, lowest prices, etc. Talking to a travel agent will help you learn about the right tips for planning a cruise holiday within a tight budget. Moreover, you might also receive onboard credits from a travel agent as a token of appreciation.

Tip 5: Get the right credit

High-end credit cards like American Express offer cruise benefits. These include onboard credits with exclusive discount offers. As a frequent traveller, you can collect these credits and redeem them to get a solid discount on your cruise holiday. Booking agents can also help you obtain onboard credits, which can often lead to a discount of up to 35%, which is a lot when you are booking a luxury cruise.

Tip 6: Go for included dining options

The range of dining options is one of the biggest attractions of cruise holidays. You can get a comprehensive culinary experience across multiple restaurants and eateries. While most of these can be expensive, you can find free dining options on every luxury cruise ship. Free unlimited buffets are quite common, which allows you to receive free meals on your holiday. You can opt for such included dining options to save money.

Tip 7: Avoid premium options

Luxury cruises offer premium packages with unlimited Wi-Fi options. While it might seem tempting to be able to use the internet during your holiday, it can be expensive. Instead, you can go for a cruise package from your cell provider. Moreover, you can also find cafés and restaurants on-shore that offer free Wi-Fi. There are multiple onboard activities and entertainment options on a cruise ship, which will help you if you choose not to get internet.


As this article pointed out, you can get great deals on luxury cruises, which helps you enjoy the perfect holiday under your budget. The tips mentioned in this article can help you cut costs if you are planning a cruise holiday. Make sure to constantly check for offers or get in touch with us at

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