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MSC World Europa
MSC World Europa

The History and Design of the MSC World Europa

What lies behind the aesthetic design of MSC World Europa? Take the journey of the world's groundbreaking environment-friendly cruise ship that redefines luxury.

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MSC World Europa cruise falls under one of the renowned and world's third-largest cruise brands among the cruise lines of MSC, founded in 1970. It offers a unique and exclusive experience of metropolis at sea with its exhilarating entertainment hub and attractive restaurants. Apart from the show-stopping design, it is deemed to be one of the first cruise ships in the MSC fleet to run on Liquified Natural Gas (LNG).

Story behind the design of MSC World Europa

To know more about the history and design of MSC World Europa, read along!

History of MSC World Europa

Gianluigi Aponte continues to uphold the excellency of MSC cruises through innovative design and environmental significance towards nature. Planning and construction of the ship were chalked by prioritizing the health and safety of crew and guests before anything else.

1. Planning

It was 2016 when amidst other upcoming fleets of MSC cruise ships embracing advanced technology and luxury, the plan of MSC World Europa was announced.

A blend of innovation with science lies at the core of planning the MSC World Europa. To achieve this, Pier Francesco Vago, Chairman of the MSC Group, made it very clear that the aim is to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGs) and make it more energy efficient. According to him, MSC World Europa is the stepping stone to achieving the goal of decarbonization by 2050.

To induce this awareness towards nature, MSC World Europa uses carbon alternative fuels, namely synthetic, LNG (Liquified Natural Gas), and other cleaner fuels. As the availability of these fuels increases, they'll be used in running this cruise ship and will be introduced in upcoming cruise ships as well. Apart from LNG propulsion, environment-friendly games, waste management, and recycling practices are also a part of the cruise ships decorum. This includes activities like biking, walking, and kayaking among other activities, banning plastic use and replacing it with biodegradable options like paper and cloth.

The architectural beauty of the ship also carries innovative explanations in structuring the ship. Such as the Y-shaped profile amplifying the deck plan of MSC World Europa provides a scenic panoramic view of the sea. This will also enable increasing the number of balcony cabins on the ship. Another feature of the ship is the G bow, set at a 90-degree angle to enhance passenger comfortability and also for hydrodynamic support in fuel efficiency.

2. Construction

In 2019, the steel-cutting ceremony marked the beginning of MSC World Europa’s construction in the shipyard of Chantiers de l’Atlantique in St Nazaire, France. Aside from the Founder, Gianluigi Aponte, the Chief Executive Chairman, Pier Francesco Vago, was also present during this ceremony.

Spanning over an area of 40,000 sq m, the ship has the capacity to hold almost 6,762 people on board, of which, 2,138 comprise crew members. The gross tonnage or GT of the ship is approximately 205,700 with a height of 68 m, length of 333.3 m, and width of 47 m. The deck plan of the MSC World Europa ship comprises 2,626 cabins and 22 decks named after major European cities.

One of the eye-catching parts of the entire cruise ship is The Venom Drop, a dry slide connecting two promenades, overlooking the sea and thus offering many exquisite views. Covering the 11 decks, the construction of the promenade and light arrangements for entertainment purposes was indeed an exhilarating task.

The World Galleria is the next big breathtaking place to enjoy lined-up bars, restaurants, and various other shops. The area covers 2,214 sq m with a kinetic dome and an LED ceiling.

Taking creativity to another level, MSC World Europa has introduced a unique idea of experiencing the ‘ship within ship’ notion, through their MSC Yacht Club. Embodied with VIP servicing all day long, this area is decorated with a sun terrace, private swimming pool, hot tubs, unlimited access to MSC Aurea spa's wellness area, and full-time butler service.

There are 152 cabins in this space, among which 2 are exclusive. A separate kid’s section enriches the Kid's Club domain. Comprising 7 pools and 13 whirlpools, there is no dearth of fun and relaxation for people of any age.

3. Launch date

Finally, the naming ceremony was initiated on 13th November 2022 which took place at Grand Cruise Terminal in Doha, Qatar. Eminent guests like Captain Marco Massa were a part of this age-old tradition.

The host of this event was none other than Hamad Al Amari among many other distinguished artists. Matteo Bocelli heightened the event with his charismatic solo work that will be released in 2023.

In addition to this alluring event, the fireworks at night and the arrangement of the elegant dinner marked the success of MSC World Europa in terms of luxury and entertainment.

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Design of MSC World Europa

Composed of enticing arenas to offer an unforgettable experience of lavishness, the design of MSC World Europa fathoms to achieve the ultimate emotional roller coaster through varied options. There are paramount ways to indulge in tourist and entertainment activities, which guarantee magnificent service without any disappointment.

1. Restaurants, bars, and dining

Comprising 13 dining places with a diverse palette of food from all over the world, you will always find something electrifying.

Delve into an aesthetic experience with a cup of tea or coffee in the cafeterias of Raj Polo Tea House or Coffee Emporium. A varied range of French, Moroccan, and Turkish expertise in coffee servicing and brewing options are there alongside different international sweets.

Masters of the Sea, The Gin Project, and many such spaces unfold an intoxicating affair with music and drinks. Where Masters of Sea features a British pub with live music, Elixir-the mixology bar will have professional mixologists to make distinct handmade drinks that touch your soul.

A major highlight of the dining arena is the Chef’s Garden Kitchen. Hydroponic plants grown and cooked fresh on the ship don't falter to abide by the green tag. The chef’s kitchen table overlooks the dining space having all the options to choose from.

Almost set in a similar fashion is the restaurant La Pescaderia. Fresh marine animals are kept on display for people to choose from. There are also readymade recipe options to decide from as an alternative.

Pizzas and burgers from Luna Park Pizza & Burger offer a casual deviation from the elegant varieties mentioned above. This carries a vibrant ambiance and fun design perfect for spending family time with kids. The menu reflects this spirited nature through its American varieties of salted pretzels, funnel cake, and a lot more.

Some of the world-renowned restaurants featuring their expertise are Butcher's Cut. It captures the satiating classic American-style steak. Inspired by Japanese cuisine, other mouthwatering attractions are Kaito Teppanyaki and Sushi Bar. Moreover, the guests can be carried away to visit Latin America’s alleyways by tasting the infamous street food Tacos and Cantina embodied by Hola.

2. Entertainment hub

Beautified with a LED dome ceiling on the 6th deck, the promenade extends for about 90 m where anyone can have an enriching walk. The indoor and outdoor promenades don’t fail to catch attention with their lighting hues. As an alternative, The Venom Drop, a spiraling dry slide, is there to easily reach deck 20 from deck 8.

Aside from this, the Panorama Lounge exemplifies the beauty of music and ambiance through its changing screens to match the night. As the aura of music encompasses this wide floor, anyone can engage over their pre-show drinks and enjoy interacting with others.

Setting a break from elegant evenings, the Luna Park Arena lets people make the most out of family time through movies. This 300-seated entertainment base also acts as a venue for parties, games, etc. In the daytime, it includes people of all ages in varied activities, including interactive game shows.

Taking a break from the luxurious exhaustion, one can easily take a dip into one of the 6 beautiful pools. Each pool has a different vibe and many of those have a separate area for children. Apart from this, there are 14 whirlpool baths to enrich the senses while enjoying an exquisite view of the sea.

If having all these pools isn’t enough, there is an Aurora Borealis Aquapark, carrying the largest waterpark on the cruise. There are separate pools for children and an enticing water slide leveled up with modern technology for the optimum experience. There is another separate kids’ activity center for all ages.

Additionally, in MSC Foundation Centre, people can play games with kids, experience a 3D aquarium and get to know more about marine life. There are also options for donations that will go into funding for resolving marine life issues or people can buy attractive merchandise from there.

3. Suites and cabins

The deck plans of MSC cruise World Europa are designed to overlook the impeccable view of the sea. Air conditioning endorses almost all the cabin suites. Apart from that some deluxe suites of MSC Yacht Club like Owner's, Royal, and Duplex Suite have a private whirlpool bath.

These also have WiFi connection, bar counter, refrigerator, etc. A comfortable double bed is present in all these suites, including MSC Yacht Club Duplex Suite and MSC Yacht Club Deluxe Suite. Most Yacht club cabins have bathrooms with showers or tubs or both and are spacious enough to accommodate 2 to 4 people depending on the suite.

Premium Suite Aurea can accommodate up to 6 people. The area of these cabins ranges between 45 and 12 sq m depending on their position and price range. Many of these also offer a great view of the promenade. The cabins cover most of the decks numbered from 11 to 21.

Different suites present are presented below:

The goal of prioritizing people's health over everything else marks the utmost success of the ship's construction. This way the MSC fleet continues to reflect its excellence in the tiniest ways possible. Beginning from the architectural planning to the numerous deck plans, the design of MSC World Europa is done in a way that reflects ultimate perfection. Experience it for yourself!

Header Image by violetta at Pixabay

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