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10 things to love about Celebrity Beyond cruise ship

Planning for a vacation on a Celebrity Beyond cruise? know everything like celebrity beyond dining options, martini bars, and more!

By Cruise Booking Team

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Celebrity Beyond cruise ship is the newest class of ship with more space and luxury for a premium experience to its customers on board. Aesthetics in these ships are to die for, coupled with exotic dinner choices.

Curated for all, the cruising amenities for dining inclusive of the martini and sunset bar, and the rooftop bar are beyond extravagant for a perfect experience. Unlike other celebrity line ships, this model has an engaging appeal for everyone on board.

Celebrity Beyond cruise ship and the 10 things you will love

If you are planning to cruise in a celebrity line cruise ship, then here are the top 10 things that you will love about Celebrity Beyond cruise ships.

1. Ultimate luxury

Planning for a luxury experience while cruising?

This is a “resort inside a resort” with stunning interiors and amenities. Neutral tone of colours along with a fusion between east and west will charm you beyond your expectations. You can book a suite for yourself from a variety of available options. There are 2-storey villas that will give you a taste of life’s finer things.

Book an iconic suite for enjoying similar views as that of the captain! There will be a butler available for your convenience. Premium drinks will be complimentary with available dining options. As a cruiser, you will enjoy amenities like king-sized cashmere and bedding, and plush slippers paired with robes.

2. Dining options

While you are on your vacation, your food must be captivating enough to make your experience exhilarating! This Celebrity Beyond cruise line has brought together a variety of flavours for enhancing your dining experience.

There are more than 32 available dining options onboard Celebrity Beyond along with the beverage venues. You will witness a line-up of bars and celebrity beyond rooftop garden grills that comprise more than 8 specialty-themed restaurants for embarking on your journey of luxury gourmet dining.

The menu is curated by Michelin-star chef, Cornelius Gallagher by amalgamating dishes from France, Italy, America, and Mediterranean region. Signature dishes that are available in the form of varied dining options will not fail to please the palate of every individual cruiser.

3. Rooftop garden

The rooftop gardens are known to be the highlight of Celebrity Beyond.

These rooftop gardens onboard celebrity beyond lay extended over the edge of water. There are two cantilevered pools along with an urban playscape. You will enjoy immense greenery at the celebrity beyond the rooftop garden. Furthermore, the celebrity beyond rooftop garden grill menu is curated to meet the taste-buds of passengers across the globe.

Do not forget to order something to eat from the rooftop garden grill menu while enjoying greenery.

4. World Class Bar

Aboard the Celebrity Beyond cruise ship, you can enjoy both fine dining and drinking.

Want to enjoy a soothing evening? You can head out to the World Class Bar and order a cocktail. You can order a craft cocktail for an exhilarating experience.

Previously, World Class Bar could only be found on Solstice-class ships. So, along with drinking the craft cocktails, you can also enjoy the art of making them at the World Class Bar.

5. Sunset Bar

There is a two-storeyed sunset bar for offering you a rejuvenating experience on the cruise ship which is known as sunset bar.

Nate Berkus is an infamous designer who often looks into designing the top decks of these ships into a perfect backdrop that will give passengers a feel of a chic resort. You can get yourself seated at a number of conversation nooks present in the sunset bar.

Berkus has also brought to life a tropical-themed resort in the sunset bars on the celebrity cruise ships, where one can order cocktails while enjoying the view ahead.

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6. Grand Plaza

The Grand Plaza is known to be a social epicentre of the Celebrity Beyond cruise ships.

It is a three-deck atrium that has included a new restaurant known as Daniel Boulud’s Le Voyage. In the middle of the Grand Plaza, there is a martini bar that is a prime spot for social gatherings onboard.

You can sit at the circular bar which has a LED chandelier and catch up with your friends. Enjoy the skills of bartenders while they defy gravity and serve you exotic cocktails at the martini bar.

7. Pool deck

On the Celebrity Beyond cruise ship, there is a separate pool deck where you can sip on cocktails and enjoy the live music along with gentle breeze flowing across the sea. These ships will help you enjoy an extravagant experience at the poolside.

8. The club

Irrespective of whether you are a night owl or a morning person, the club offers multiple entertainment facilities and activities like archery, DJ classes, and others to help you spend some quality time with your friends or simply by yourself. Yes! Celebrity cruise lines have activities crafted for all generations.

9. The jazz joint performance

If you are a night owl, then Celebrity Beyond has several shows like silent discos or night games. Celebrity Beyond arranges live jazz joint performances which involve activities such as dancing and acrobatics that will keep you on your toes and leave you enchanted.

10. Magic carpet

The celebrity beyond magic carpet is one of the most captivating bright orange structures on the top deck. It is a revolutionary floating platform that has a height of 13 stories.

Designers have built it on the starboard side which you can view from afar. You can comfortably sit and enjoy live performances from this platform, which provides a different experience altogether.


Cruising aboard Celebrity Beyond will give you a lifetime of an experience with its luxury amenities designed for your convenience and pleasure. The celebrity beyond reviews from visitors across the globe provides one with authentic insights to make wise decisions based on one’s specific requirements. So, if you are seeking adventures at sea within the comforts of a luxury in-house stay facility, then this can be your perfect adventure of a lifetime.

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