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Celebrity Beyond
Celebrity Beyond

A day in the life of a passenger on the Celebrity Beyond

Want to know about Celebrity Beyond entertainment options? This article gives you a peek through an entire day of the dining experience.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Celebrity Beyond is not just a ship but a world on the sea that offers everything that a passenger can ask for. If you are planning to onboard Celebrity Beyond for the first time, then this article will show you how a day passes on this cruise exploring the various Celebrity Beyond entertainment options.

Get a peek into the day of a passenger on the Celebrity Beyond cruise ship

Celebrity Beyond entertainment facilities – In one day

An entire day of Celebrity Beyond entertainment is an opportunity one should never miss. You can plan ahead of your journey by reading this article to know how a day passes on Celebrity Beyond.

When it comes to entertainment, you will get that at every venue and spot on the Celebrity Beyond cruise ship. Even dining is accompanied by entertainment that you will not get anywhere else.

A day aboard Celebrity Beyond generally starts with waking up to an amazing view of the sea, and the innovative design of the ship acts as the perfect complement to the scenic beauty.

1. Morning rituals at Celebrity Beyond

Keep on reading to get an idea of the various options you can explore on board according to your preferences.

2. Breakfast

After your morning rituals and Celebrity Beyond entertainment, now it’s time to get a king-size breakfast that satisfies you, check how you can choose from the best. Breakfast timings across all 32 dining venues start from about 7:30 am till 10:30 am.

You can choose from a variety of options.

3. Mid-morning necessities at Celebrity Beyond

After breakfast, it’s time to relax and enjoy the sun. Generally, at this time, you can plan to eat our lunch in the various cafes that also give you a nice vibe on the cruise.

4. Evening at Celebrity Beyond

For your evenings to be entertaining, Celebrity Beyond covers a few best places for your evening cravings:

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5. Nightlife on Celebrity Beyond

Celebrity Beyond entertainment options offers the best nightlife to its passengers. With conceptual eateries to the most perfect bar, you can stay entertained the entire night.

The last meal of your day should end with delight and good health.

6. Explore the best bars

You will never run out of options in Celebrity Beyond when it comes to drinks. End your day with a perfect drink from various bars onboard. Before you indulge in your favorite drink, it is advisable to go through the alcohol policy of the cruise line.

The legal age for drinking alcohol is 21 years. If a country, which has lowered the age bar for drinking, is the departure port of the cruise, then the legal age becomes 18 years to drink alcohol onboard.

Below are the various bars and places where you can get your favorite drink:

7. Additional options aboard Celebrity Beyond

Below are a few additional Celebrity Beyond entertainment tips and tricks for you based on various reviews from passengers.

Celebrity Beyond entertainment options is too many to explore in a day. Top reviews from international guests alongside the facilities mentioned above will help you choose and plan your day on this cruise. Take notice of the additional tips and go through all policies of the cruise line before you onboard. Celebrity Beyond will give you an experience to remember, so plan ahead and enjoy the cruise to your fullest.

Header Image by Celebrity Cruises

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