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Cruising to Qatar: How to Experience the Best of Doha before Setting Sail

Planning a lavish cruise from Doha? Add these popular activities to your itinerary. Check here for details.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Doha, the capital city of Qatar, is popular for its stunning architecture, serene beaches, and deep cultural past. If you are visiting the Middle East on a cruise, you must stop at Doha and experience this vibrant city.

Cruising to Qatar: How to experience the best of Doha before setting sail

Doha cruise port is gradually becoming one of the fastest-growing luxurious port destinations. Intrigued much? Check out these popular ways of experiencing Doha.

Unique ways to explore the best of Doha

If you are staying in Doha and want to spend a few days offshore, here are some popular things to put on your bucket list.

1. Walking through Souq Waqif

Souq Waqif is an age-old trading centre in Doha, which is restored to look like a 19th-century Qatari market. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions to check out when in Doha. The Souq underpass is heaven for shopaholics, an ideal place to buy a souvenir for your loved ones. From spices to gold, you can find anything. While at the Souq, make sure to try Emirati cuisine in the central courtyard. You can visit this market any time of the day, but if you have enough time in hand, you better visit in the evening.

2. Evening stroll at Corniche

The Corniche is a waterfront promenade in Doha. This crescent-shaped boardwalk runs parallel to Doha bay. Here, you can enjoy five miles of unobstructed view of the Persian Gulf. While you have this pristine skyline on one side, on the other you have the ultra-modern town of Doha. As you take an evening stroll at the Corniche, you may also board a dhow and enjoy the bay after sun-down.

3. Taking a short trip to Banana Islands

Before you check in to a departure cruise from Doha, make sure you take a short trip to the Banana Islands. This crescent island is located near this city. It is a 25-minute cruise trip from Doha on a ferry. Depending on the time you can spend here, you can either stay at a resort or take a ferry back to the port. Key highlights of this island include a private marina and reefs. In addition, those who want to relax can also visit a traditional hammam on this island.

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4. Visiting the National Museum of Qatar

The National Museum of Qatar was designed by Jean Nouvel. The building is made in a way that expresses a naturally occurring crystal formation called Desert Rose. The architecture of this building is itself captivating. Nevertheless, inside this stunning structure, you will find the history of Qatar described in detail and learn how it developed over time. Upon visiting this site, you may find yourself more drawn to Qatar's heritage and culture.

5. Dune bashing at sunset

For guests who want to try adventures on their cruise trip in Qatar, bashing dunes is a super fun option. The popular spot for dune bashing is near the Inland sea. Here, your car will glide across dunes; you may compare this experience with roller coasters. The best time to go for dune bashing is during sunset. Some may feel this is a little risky, but every driver who takes you on these rides is professional.

6. Floating in a hot air balloon

Another adventurous activity to tick off at Doha is a ride in a hot air balloon. Floating in the sky and watching the beautiful cityscape is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The views of the golden dunes and Arabian Gulf from the sky are breathtaking. The best time to try this activity is during winter. So, for those planning a winter trip to Qatar, this must be on your to-do list.

Other popular activities to try while you are in Doha:

As you have read so far you now know the most important things to try before setting your cruise from Doha. Besides these activities, you must include tasting local delicacies in your checklist too. Qatari cuisine offers some lip-smacking food which is worth trying. While you arrange a Qatar cruise, make sure to check how long it offers an off-shore stay so that you can plan accordingly. 

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