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Doha, Qatar
Doha, Qatar

Best Things to do in Doha, Qatar

Looking to have a luxurious yet adventurous trip, then read about Doha, Qatar. Here is a list of Best 5 Things to do in Doha, Qatar. Check it out to know more!

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Qatar is a Middle Eastern Islamic country, and its capital city is Doha, one of the country's best tourist places. Travelers are mainly attracted by the city’s cosmopolitan feel as well as the vast, rugged dunes. Once a small fishing and pearling town, Doha has undergone a huge transformation and now, it’s a mix of ultra-modernity and classical culture.

The usual way to reach Doha, Qatar, is by air, but there is another option that is exciting and adventurous. Doha Port is now fast emerging as a prominent luxury cruise destination. The port offers the same level of facilities as an international airport, including seamless immigration and customs. A traditional Qatari welcomes cruise passengers upon arrival. Then, passengers can explore and have a great time in this fun destination.

Further are the best 5 things to do in Doha, Qatar:

Top 5 Things to Do in Doha, Qatar

1. Souq Waqif

This is a beautiful place to shop, dine, and explore in Doha. Wandering through the gold section of the Souq, one can get a sense of its importance in local traditions. Falconry is a famous sport in Qatar, and Souq Waqif is home to majestic birds. You can pose with a falcon perched on your arm. From shoes to antiques to handicrafts, the souq rewards tourists with artifacts from the region. This is also your spot for exotic Arabic aromatics like Zater, Sumac, dried flowers, dried black lemons, etc. You can also visit the pearl shops and learn about the lost art of pearling and see wide varieties of white, pink, and grey pearls.

2. Museum of Islamic Art

The Internationally famous Museum of Islamic Art is the crown jewel of Qatar’s museums. The museum contains four floors of permanent and temporary exhibitions and a restaurant on the fifth floor. Its heritage library has a collection of 21,000 books, including 2000 rare editions in both Arabic and English. The park next to the museum overlooks the Arabian Sea and is a favorite spot for family picnics and evening walks.

3. The Pearl-Qatar

It is a man-made island near Doha's West Bay District. The area offers a luxurious shopping experience with premium designer boutiques, yacht-lined marinas, villas, and hotels. The island is also home to five-star culinary experiences and plazas with a wide range of landscaped gardens.

4. The Corniche

Doha, Corniche is a seven-kilometer strip that’s brimming with an unimaginable amount of attraction. The crescent-shaped walkaway offers the best views of the modern skyline. Apart from the glittering skyscrapers, Sheraton Hotel Park is ideal for picnics, biking, and incredible scenery. Al Dafna Park, which is south of Doha, is one of the most beautiful gardens with views of the Gulf full of vibrant flora.

5. Katara Cultural Village

Katara Village is Doha’s go-to destination for art, culture, and cuisine. First, you can visit the Katara mosque, which was designed by Turkey's Zeynep Fadilloglu, who is believed to be the first female architect. The décor is inspired by Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul. The village has a classical Greek-style amphitheater that reflects Islamic influences. They also have numerous art galleries, workshops, exhibition areas, and performance areas.

Key Takeaways

Doha, Qatar, is a vibrant city that hosts a lot of visitors every year. Taking a cruise to this vibrant city will add to the fun and excitement of your vacation. Visit and make your travel plans today.

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