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Best Things to Do in Edmonton, Canada

Edmonton is Alberta's cultural capital, with world-class theatres, museums, exhibitions, and a booming music scene. To get the best experience here is a list of the best things to do in Edmonton, Canada.

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Edmonton is a heritage-listed Canadian city in Alberta, Canada, located on the North Saskatchewan River and offers the most varied list of attractions for visitors. Fort Edmonton Park is for history buffs, the Art Gallery of Alberta is for art lovers, the TELUS World of Science is for science fans, and the Winspear Centre is for music fans. Edmonton also has lovely gardens, neighbourhoods, and parks to discover on your own or with the assistance of a local coach.

The following are the top 5 things to do in Edmonton, Canada.

5 Best Things to Do in Edmonton, Canada

1. Alberta Legislative Assembly Building

The Alberta Legislature Building houses Edmonton's Legislative Assembly and Executive Council and happens to be primarily counted among the best things to do in Edmonton, Canada. Visitors can take guided tours of this famous building, where informed Historical and cultural Translators share Alberta's political history and culture, as well as the Legislative Assembly's daily routine. The tour also examines the building's art and layout, as well as the parliamentary customs and commemorations that take place within it. Tours last less than an hour, can be pre-booked, and are absolutely free.

2. Alberta Art Gallery

The Art Gallery of Alberta, founded in 1924, is the region's longest-living national artefact gallery, dedicated to the exhibition and maintenance of art and artwork and it is amongst the ultimate things to do in Edmonton. The gallery houses a collection of over 6,000 objects, which are displayed in exhibits and displays, focusing on contemporary and historical art from around the world. In addition, the AGA provides a variety of art education and public initiatives for parents and kids, such as discussions, cinema, group activities, Late Night Wednesdays, and Alberta Culture Days.

3. Elk Island National Park and Beaver Hills

The Beaver Hills area has become a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, with a dark sky preserve, a bird sanctuary, and a wilderness center. This is one of the reasons why it is listed under the top 5 activities in Edmonton, Canada. Originally the Sarcee Indians' tribal home, it was the Cree who hunted beaver and buffalo for their pelts, which were then bought and sold. The buffalo were nearly wiped out by hunting and settlement, though some Beaver Hills buffalo are thought to have been captured in 1909 and placed in their own reserve. These are the ancestors of the animals that live in Elk Island National Park today.

4. Village of Ukrainian Cultural Heritage

One of the best things to do in Edmonton, Canada, includes this open-air museum, established in the 1970s along the Yellow head Highway, which retains the rich traditions of several immigrants from Bukovina and Ukraine who settled in what is now Alberta in the 1890s. Known locally as "the Village," the site has seen the reconstruction of several historic buildings, including the pale onion dome of a Ukrainian church. There are numerous living history elements to discover, such as a blacksmith shop, a market, and an old-fashioned general retail outlet. Part of the fun is interacting with the fancy-dressed guides who are on hand to explain what life was like for these early settlers. If at all possible, try to coincide your visit with the many activities or workshops held throughout the year.

5. K Days

The Best Things to Do in Edmonton, Canada, includes the most significant event on Edmonton's calendar, the 10-day K Days (formerly Capital Ex) festival, which takes place yearly at the end of July and recreates the wild days of the 1890 Klondike Gold Rush. The entire city comes alive with street parties, dancing, parades, live entertainment and gold panning. Visitors planning to visit Edmonton during the carnival must reserve their accommodations well ahead of time.


With a population of over one million people, the city is among the coldest in the world; other members of this exclusive club include Moscow and Harbin, China. The cold weather does not deter Edmontonians from attending winter festivals and events, such as the Deep Freeze Festival and the Ice on Whyte, which feature great times and crazy festivities. Visit and book your cruise to this winter wonderland today.

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