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What are the 4 perks on Celebrity Cruises?

Indulge and relax with the perks on Celebrity Cruise ships. Look out for the following experiences onboard.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Apart from offering hundreds of onboard facilities and activities, there are numerous perks on Celebrity Cruises. Famous for its innovative design and impeccable hospitality, Celebrity is bound to fill your vacation with joy and indulgence.

Relish the grandeur of cruising as you sail on a luxurious transatlantic tour with your friends and family.

Perks on Celebrity Cruises that you must experience

On a Celebrity Cruise, you get all-inclusive bookings. That means you can experience all the luxuries of this cruise line at absolutely no extra cost onboard. Following are a few perks you can enjoy onboard –

1. Non-stop fun

The cruise line is not just a ship but a dynamic resort that you can explore throughout the day. Here are some of the famous things you can do onboard.

  • X Club

Gone are those days when kids would get bored while sitting through adult activities and parties. The perks of Celebrity Cruise are that it has something for everybody. You can find a dedicated zone with various high-tech gaming consoles and devices.

  • American Ballet Theatre

Find your pleasure among the ballerinas at the American Ballet Theatre. If just watching ballet seems too commonplace, then go ahead and show off your moves at the Ballet Theatre.

  • Deal or No Deal

Growing up in the 90s, everybody remembers the iconic Deal or No Deal show on television. Celebrity Cruises offers you an opportunity to be a contestant and play the game on your tour.

2. Rejuvenate with a wellness journey

Vacations are all about relaxation. Celebrity has it all covered with a holistic wellness program. Look out for these experiences –

  • Spa treatment

Perks on Celebrity cruise ships include a series of spas and saunas to help you unwind. Rejuvenate your mind and body with specialized treatments offered by experts in the field.

  • Sea Thermal Suite

Entice all your senses as it offers you an array of different experiences to relax and recover from your spa sessions. The Sea Thermal Suite has a calming experience and helps you revitalize your spirit.

  • Persian Garden

It is the ultimate experience to release all your accumulated stress. Relax to aqua therapy amid this tropical hermitage. The garden features aroma therapy to help you calm your senses.

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3. Luxurious dining

Celebrity gives you the ultimate experience at sea with an exclusive assortment of flavors and cuisines. Following are some of the options to check out –

  • Café

The multiple cafes onboard Celebrity ships offer a palette of different moods and settings for you to choose from. As per your mood, spend a casual afternoon at the Oceanview Café on the deck or indulge in waffle cones at Café Al Bacio.

  • Lounge

Celebrity hosts a variety of bars and lounges onboard. The Sunset Bar is particularly famous among all. Bid adieu to a crimson sun with the choice of your favorite drink here.

  • Fine dining

Plan a soiree with your special one at the Tuscan Grille Restaurant. Patrons tend to prefer it for authentic Italian flavors. While you are on board, do not forget to pay a visit to the signature Le Petit Chef, a specialty of Celebrity.

4. Premier living

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the quality of your private space. Worry not! The perks on Celebrity cover it as well. Here are some of the advantages of your staterooms

  • Round-the-clock room service

Celebrity Cruise is famous for its hospitality services. To ensure your stay is comfortable, you get 24-hour room service.

  • Custom-made toiletries

The USP (unique selling point) of Celebrity cruise ships lies in its exclusivity. The cruise line offers all its guests custom-made beauty and wellness products. All its products are 100% natural and organically sourced.

  • Veranda with seating areas

All the cabins on Celebrity ships come with an attached Veranda with a deck that overlooks the ocean. Soak in the splendors of the sea with your loved ones in the Veranda as you begin your day.

Some other perks of Celebrity Cruise are its off-board activities for the guests. At the ports, it brings you different shore excursions to experience local cuisine and other adventures that each site offers. You may coordinate with your concierge to get an itinerary of the shore excursions.

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