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How much does a 3 day cruise cost?

Some of the best-in-class cruises might not be as expensive as you think them to be.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Cruises are a good way of spending a vacation with your loved ones. However, a common myth surrounding cruise trips is that they cost a fortune. You should understand certain base expenditures are involved in cruise trips. The total expenses however are completely dependent on how you want to spend your vacation. The more luxurious your desires are the more expensive your cruise trips will be.

How much does a 3 day cruise cost?

Tracking these costs might seem like a challenging process but you do not have to worry. In this article, we are going to talk about all the important factors that are going to help you establish an idea of an average cruise trip cost.

It will also enable you to understand exactly where you are most likely to spend the big bucks. Those factors include -

1. Cruise fare

The cruise fare refers to the cost that is charged by the cruise line for sailing on their boat. It is the biggest factor that affects your overall expenditure on a cruise trip. This payment covers all the important expenses including cabin charges, meal charges, entertainment charges, lounge charges, etc. The extras such as specialty drinks and restaurants generally are not included in these costs. Based on your budget you can decide the type of cabin you want, the length of the cruise, and the ship that you want to sail on.

Short cruises typically cost just shy of a few hundred dollars while long luxurious ones can easily exceed thousands.

2. Onboard spending

If you think that you are done spending money after paying off your cruise fare then you need to think again. There are several attractive add-ons that you are likely going to purchase once you are onboard. It includes money spent on gambling, special alcohols, specialty restaurants, excursions, and the souvenirs that you purchase from the onboard gift shops. Some people are frugal and tend to escape these costs but the ones who let loose can add hundreds of dollars to their bills. To avoid this you can make a rule of spending not more than 30-40% of your total cruise fare on onboard spending.

3. Gratuities

If you have never traveled on a cruise before or find it difficult to understand what gratuities are and how they work then do not worry. Gratuities are a form of rewarding the ship crew for their service. These days gratuities are typically added to your cruise fare bill or your account. You can choose if you want to prepay or postpay them. It has become important to pay them as a small token of appreciation.

Rates tend to vary from one cruise line to another but usually hover around $15 a day per person. This means that a couple spending a 7-day cruise trip vacation is likely to spend over $200 in gratuities.

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4. Transportation and hotel costs

The facilities to get to the cruise ship are not provided by the cruise line. Some people may have to fly, drive or ride to the port which can also add to your expenses. If you have driven yourself to the port in a private vehicle then you also need to factor in parking charges. Most ports charge over $10 to $15 a day and costs can vary from one port to another. If you are flying to reach your cruise ship then you must factor in the flight expenses as well. If your journey requires you to spend a night or two in a hotel before reaching the port then you must include the hotel costs. All of these together can also add several hundred dollars to your overall expense.

5. Port expenditure

Port spending involves costs such as taking a taxi to the nearest beach, dining at a local restaurant, or purchasing souvenirs from gift stores. The time you spend off your ship is relatively little which is why many may overlook these costs. The negligence can end up costing you a good chunk of money. Hence, port expenditure is an important part of your budget to consider.

Average 3-day cruise fare in 2023

It is impossible to come up with an exact cost of a cruise trip as it depends on several variables including the cruise line, the ship, cabin type, the time of the year, and the trip length. Cruise trips can sometimes cost less than $100 per day and in other cases can exceed thousands.

However, if we are judged by public reports, the average daily expenditure of a cruise trip for one person usually hovers around $150 to $250. Calculating the rest of the factors show that a three-day cruise trip will usually cost around $900 to $1500.

Key Takeaways

Just remember that most of the estimates are based on a per-person cost. In the case of couples, the costs are likely to double. Do not forget that what you spend is likely to differ based on the aforementioned factors. If you are a big spender then it is likely that you will exceed the estimated costs within the first few days of the trip. However, if you are careful you can minimize these costs and reduce your overall expenditure to a great extent.

If you still have some doubts regarding cruise costs and lines then please check out It is a one-stop guide for all the information that you may require on cruises.

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