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People sail on Celebrity Cruise ships to understand the true value of travel. In fact, exploring beyond the borders and expanding one’s horizon on this cruise line are a real treat.

Royal Caribbean International first acquired a Celebrity Cruise Lines in 1997, but it continues to operate as a separate brand. The concept behind establishing  Celebrity Cruise line was to offer people deluxe cruises at an affordable price. 

It is a medium to experience stunning accommodations, endless entertainment, and world-class cuisine while ensuring comfort and five star service.

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1. Celebrity Cruise ships

Celebrity contains the simplest fleet among the seven big cruise lines taken by North Americans. It offers ground-breaking features to travelers, like cabins containing glass walls with a seaside view and magic carpet platforms on the exterior to operate for different use. 

Several Celebrity Cruise ship reviews even say it maintains a lovely atmosphere with a festive vibe for a wholesome experience.

Fortunately, there are several vessels available to choose from. To be precise, 12 main Celebrity vessels carry around 2000 to 3000 travelers a piece. In addition, there are 3 Galapagos-based vessels carrying 16 to 100 passengers. 

Some of the Celebrity Cruise ship names are:

2. Celebrity Cruise ships destinations

You can experiencean intimate journey on Celebrity Cruise ships to a number of places, namely Asia, Alaska, the Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii, Bahamas, Transatlantic, Mexican Riviera, and others. 

Moreover, there is no limitation on how you can enjoy your Celebrity Cruise ship itinerary. Your trip can be enthralling with all the luxurious activities like sipping cocktails while enjoying the late afternoon view in the Lawn Club. In contrast, you can book the two-night sampler cruises to the Bahamas or 18-night voyages to Hawaii

3. Celebrity Cruise ship dining 

The ships never fail to provide its guests with a world-class dining experience by bringing out different splashes of flavors and cuisines of multiple destinations on the plate.

So, plan a special evening at the restaurant by ordering the Fine Cut Steakhouse or enjoy the classic French Bistros Le Grand Bistro. You can also try some Italian-inspired delicacies offered by the Tuscan restaurants. However, if you are a foodie, do not forget to order the five-course meal at the Chef’s Table. 

4. Celebrity Cruise ship activities

You can expect tons of fun-filled activities onboard the luxurious Celebrity Cruise ships. The theater is the main dazzling entertainment area, running musical masterpieces all day long. On the other hand, Quasar Nightclub is a retro-chic night hotspot to dance your feet off on the floor. 

Those who are into creation and art must visit the Art Studio. Also, visit the World Class Bar show to witness the impeccable cocktails and its delicious ingredients. 

5. Celebrity Cruise ship – Health and fitness

Being on Celebrity Cruise ships does not mean one has to quit his/her fitness routine. On the contrary, Celebrity fleets come with various health sessions like Restorative Salt Stone Therapy and Thai Herbal Poultice Massage. In fact, to help women deal with emotion and to provide them with physical or spiritual wisdom, there is a Women Wellness program in place. 

For enjoying sports, you can also participate in Celebrity Cruise play tournaments offering a wide range of abroad sports, including basketball, table tennis, and golf putting. 

6. Celebrity Cruise ship amenities

There are many benefits of cruise package including special arrangements for kids, like the Children club offering Xbox games and other fun-filled activities. In addition, adults can enjoy Broadway-style Theater and live music. Apart from that, there is a Jacuzzi and grass lawn on the top deck for relaxing. For kids and teens, Celebrity Cruises offers many activities and programs that are important to know before you go.

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Go onboard the Celebrity Cruise ships to experience an unparalleled luxury cruise vacation. If you are more into intimate cruise trips, you would want to sail on a Millennium Class Vessel. However, if you are interested in exploring Galapagos, choose from the three small vessels only offered in the Galapagos. 

Make the reservations by visiting The options and services offered here let you embrace the golden chance to recharge, relax, and relish a luxurious cruise. 

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